Weekly Update - August 8, 2018
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ResourcesResource Links
CalendarofEventsCalendar of Events
EventsandTrainingEvents and Training
PCC Communities of Practice
Search and Call Conversations - NEW
September is Hunger Action Month - NEW
MEF Fall 2018 
Active Shooter Training for Centre County
The Uniqueness of Rural Ministry
Financial Training
Widening the Welcome 
Mid-Winter Clergy Sabbath
ClergyWebsiteClergy News
July - August - September
ChurchNewsWebsiteChurch News
 UCC Medical and Dental Benefits 
August 18 - Bobby Jo Valentine at Hummelstown UCC
Q&A: Innovation in Church Stewardship - NEW
JusticeGenerosityCommunity and Justice Issues
CWS Kits - NEW
 Information You Can Use - NEW
 Season of Creation Resources 
HCHartman Center
Hartman Center News - NEW
Prayers1Prayers for Our Churches
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