Weekly Update - December 26, 2018
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OtherResolutionNews from Penn Central Conference
Merry Christmas - NEW
 Conference Updates
GeneralSynod General Synod - Milwaukee and PCC Annual Meeting
General Synod 32, Milwaukee
Resolution for General Synod
Penn Central Conference Annual Meeting 2019
ResourcesResource Links
CalendarofEventsCalendar of Events
EventTrainingEvents and Training
UCC Polity and Theology Courses
CJIWebsiteCommunity and Justice Issues
LGBTQ Movie Night
In the Executioner's Shadow
ClergyBooksWebsiteBook Studies
The Power of Habit
Creation Justice - Climate Church, Climate World
 Friends of Penn Central Conference - NEW
CNWebsiteClergy News
Women in Rural Ministry
Jerusalem Tables 
Clergy Sabbath: January 22 - 24
Ministerial Excellence Forums, Spring 2019
ChurchNsCommunityandJusticeChurch Events
Pension Board Rate Locator
Prayers1Prayers for Penn Central Conference
HCWebsiteHartman Center
Historic Preservation Committee Needed
 Save the Date
Open Positions  and PCC-Bay
Hymnals Available
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