Weekly Update - May 15 , 2019
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OtherResolutionNews from Penn Central Conference
Innovation Grants - NEW 
Northern Association RISE Above Hunger - NEW 
New Covenant UCC, Williamsport - NEW 
EventTrainingConference Events
 Annual Meeting - NEW
Morsels of Excellence - NEW
EventTrainingCommunity and Justice Issues
Creation Justice - NEW
EventTrainingEvents and Training
Pathways - NEW
UCC Church Building and Loan - NEW
Parish Resource Center - NEW
Insurance Board Webinars 
Mercersburg Convocation at LTS 
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" - NEW
PSEC Invites You to See Brian McLaren 
General Synod 
Walking with Joy 
Tea with MOM (Manual on Ministry) - NEW, DATE CHANGE
CalendarofEventsCalendar of Events
ResourcesResource Links
Join Our List
Generosity - NEW
CNWebsiteClergy News
HCWebsiteHartman Center
Hartman Center Snacks Needed 
Summer Camp 
Prayers1Prayers for Penn Central Conference
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