Adult Rec Soccer News for Registrants
Good Evening!

The rosters are finalized and you will be playing on the Majik Rent-to-Own team (safety orange shirts).     As a reminder the first week of games begin Friday 9/7.   The schedule is currently posted on the Penn Legacy website which is linked at the bottom of this email. 

There are 8 teams in the league, thanks to our team sponsors:

  • State Farm-Dan Burton - Red Shirts
  • Trio Bar & Grill - Kelly Green Shirts
  • Hot Z Pizza - Silver Shirts
  • S3 Building Solutions LLC - Safety Yellow Shirts
  • Majik Rent-to-Own - Safety Orange Shirts
  • William Penn Real Estate - Royal Blue Shirts
  • Angelo’s Soccer Corner - Electric Blue Shirts
  • Mazzeo Contracting - Black Shirts
Some reminders:
  • Teams were selected with priority being to keep them as even and balanced as possible, while trying to fill all player requests. In not knowing all the players, we formed teams based off the information provided in the registration information so our ability to make the teams even and competitive is only as good as the information provided . If you requested to be with a player and don’t see that player on the roster then they didn’t register to play or as the registration instructions stated, both players didn’t request to play with each other.

  • Every team has 19-20 players rostered, as we all know from past seasons, this quickly goes down with injuries, schedule conflicts, etc. Please be fair in playing time as the first few weeks generally has most of the team showing up. 

  • All games are played at the Penn Legacy Hempfield Quad Campus Fields located at Hempfield High School (Across from the Stadium).  On home Hempfield High School football game nights, parking could be limited especially during the early game slots. There is additional parking at the Landisville Middle School and the Landisville Primary Center. 

  • We play with 1 ref, so please go easy on the refs, we haven’t had a problem in the past, but please no foul language and arguing with the refs, offside calls will be missed. Arguing or foul language could result in game suspensions or dismissal from the league.

  • No slide tackling

  • Shin guards must be worn

  • Shirts will be handed out the first week, so please arrive early to your game. There are no exchanging sizes, you must take the size shirt you ordered at time of registration as the shirt order was made based upon size selected by each player during the registration process.  The roster list will be available showing the shirt size you ordered. 

ROSTER: Majik Rent-to-Own (safety orange shirts)
Dan Fisher
Tim Meyer
Mark Simmons
Ravi Rattiram
Edward Pohl
Andres Martiny
Robert Carter
Dan Jones
Victor Saenz
Miguel Saenz
Aaron Sandel
Matt Hendrick
Michael Shapiro
Christopher Metzler
Edward Schwartz
Mike Parmer
Damon Padua
John Navas
Peter Nelson

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at