Spring 2019
A ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 4 marked the official opening of the new Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building. Situated on the site of the old Fenske Lab in the middle of University Park's research hub, the event was the first step in a new journey for our department. 

Engineering Research Center proposal enters next round of consideration

A proposal submitted by a team led by  Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering, has been accepted for the next round of consideration for an Engineering Research Center (ERC). ERCs are dev eloped through the  National Science Foundation  Directorate of Engineering with a mission to integrate engineering research and education with technological innovation to transform national prosperity, health and security. Gomez's proposal focuses on developing materials technology to reduce solid w aste and positively impact the environment.
Monty Alger named AIChE 2019 president-elect, 2020 president

As American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) president, Monty Alger, professor of chemical engineering, will focus on advancing the design of new innovation and learning practices to educate future chemical engineers.  >> 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center has named Penn State as a 
new site within the Membrane Science, Engineering and 
Technology (MAST) Center >> 
Bailyn Bench receives AIChE Outstanding Senior Award

Bench earned the award, granted by the Central Pennsylvania Local Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, by meeting criteria of a chemical engineering senior who has had outstanding scholastic, leadership and service achievements.  >> 
New center founded to develop more efficient flexible solar cells

A new research center directed by Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering and materials science and engineering, will focus on new organic materials for creating next-generation solar cells and electronics for military and civilian use in areas without power grids.  >> 
The future of energy: algae?

Growing and cultivating microalgae as a source of cleaner-burning biofuel for compression ignition engines is the focus of a team of researchers from Penn State, the University of Delaware and the University of Michigan>>

The discovery that bacterial cells use both a virus and a prehistoric viral protein to kill other bacteria that compete with it for food has potential implications for future infectious disease treatment >>
Penn State AIChE chapter hosts
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Hard work by student organizers resulted in a successful event attended by more than 350 chemical engineering faculty and students from around the mid-Atlantic region. >>
Creatively engineering a video

Students tell stories via digital media about finding chemical engineering solutions to the world's pressing environmental issues, and dispel a few myths about the creativity levels of engineering students.  >>
Researchers find potential key to a future of flexible electronics

Unlocking the potential of conjugated polymers, plastics that conduct electricity similar to copper or silicon, hold great promise for flexible electronics such as bendable displays and implantable biomedical sensors.  >> 



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