CNEU-University of Puerto Rico Humacao
The Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to establish a Nanotechnology Summer School at the University Park campus to enable students from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao to continue their nanotechnology education in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. >>  
Study of climate change could lead to understanding future of infectious disease
Study of climate change could lead to understanding future of infectious diseases

An international team of researchers, including Steven Schiff, Brush Chair Professor of Engineering in the Departments of Neurosurgery, Engineering Science and Mechanics and Physics, is studying climate change in Uganda and how that could lead to understanding the future of infectious diseases. >>
Akhlesh Lakhtakia

Akhlesh Lakhtakia , Charles Godfrey Binder Professor in Engineering Science and Mechanics, was one of  four Penn State professors  who were recently named Evan Pugh Professors, an elite and prestigious distinction conferred by the University on only 72 faculty members since the establishment of the designation in 1960. >>
_d bioprinting for immunotherapy
New 3D bioprinting technique creates a platform for precision immunotherapy study

The next generation of in vitro study of cancer cells is here, and it's live, high-def, and in 3D. Ibrahim Ozbolat, Hartz Family Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Derya Unutmaz, professor at The Jackson Laboratory, have developed a new 3D bioprinting technique that creates a platform for precision immunotherapy study. >>
Hillman and Bakis receive Seed Grant
Effective numerical methods for actually simulating the three-dimensional fracture process of composites remain elusive, but a pair of Penn State researchers have received a Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grant from the College of Engineering to develop and experimentally validate a novel computational model that could simulate and predict complex fracture behavior of heterogeneous materials.
http___Flexible_ highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting
Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting

A 10-fold increase in the ability to harvest mechanical and thermal energy over standard piezoelectric composites may be possible using a piezoelectric ceramic foam supported by a flexible polymer support, according to Penn State researchers. >>
ELD students - captsone project
Leading the way to better baobab processing

Undergraduate student Michaella Caruso was one of four Engineering Leadership Development minor students who traveled to Nairobi during spring break to deliver their capstone project to a contact who is developing a business manufacturing baobab fruit powders and oils. >>
Sprouting islets
Vascularizing pancreatic islets improves transplantation for diabetes

Recent research by Ibrahim Ozbolat, Hartz Family Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, and additional researchers at Penn State has shown that vascularizing pancreatic islets via bioengineering could improve their transplantation for diabetes. >>
Jean Pytel
Former College of Engineering Assistant Dean Pytel passes away

Jean Landa Pytel, former assistant dean for student services and global programs and associate professor of engineering science and mechanics, passed away on March 15. >>
  • Abby Dodson ('12 E SC) receives Fall 2018 Early Career Recognition Award >>
  • Barbara Faust ('64 E SC) named 2018 Outstanding Engineering Alumna >>
  • Ellen Arruda ('85 E SC, M.S. E MCH '88) was the keynote speaker at the 15th annual College of Engineering Research Symposium on April 10
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