Pennsylvania Decennial Filing Due During 2021
It has been a while since the last decennial report but the Pennsylvania decennial filings are due by the end of December this year. While Pennsylvania has mailed reminder postcards, the absence of a postcard reminder does not eliminate the obligation to file the Decennial Report of Association Continued Existence.

What is the Decennial Report of Association Continued Existence?

It is a report of the entity’s continued existence or report of continued use of certain marks.
Who is required to file?

If you received a postcard from the state describing the filings related to associations, do not be confused by the use of the word “association.” All domestic and foreign business corporations, non-profit corporations, limited liability corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and business trusts that have not made a new or amended filing with the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations from January 1, 2012, through December 31, 2021, should file a report. Additionally, insignias and marks used with articles and supplies must also file a report. Please note: Filing an income tax return during this period does not qualify as a filing method that allows an organization/person to be exempt from filing a decennial filing report with the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations.
What needs filed?

  • Decennial Report of Association Continued Existence, click here
  • Decennial Report – Insignia or Mark Used with Articles or Supplies, click here

When is it due?

File by December 31, 2021.
Additional information including the filing fee for each report may be found here.
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