June 9, 2021
Pa. state House of Representatives okays
HB 1500, Down Syndrome Protection Act
The PA House of Representatives voted 120 to 83 yesterday to approve the Down Syndrome Protection Act. The measure now goes to the state Senate.

Pennsylvanians should urge their state senator to join the House of Representatives in supporting House Bill 1500 (HB 1500), the Down Syndrome Protection Act.

Contact Erie-area state Senator Dan Laughlin through his Erie office at (814) 453-2515. Messages can be sent via the Senator's webform, also.

Because of the draconian Roe v. Wade decision, HB 1500 cannot prevent anyone from obtaining an abortion. It would, however, take some wind out of the sails of those in the medical profession and others who are campaigning to eliminate Down syndrome by eliminating those who have the disability. Abortion-killing must not become accepted as the prescribed "cure" for a disability that affects many Americans and American families.

Pennsylvania state law prevents prenatal children from being executed expressly for the crime of being a girl instead of a boy or vice-versa. Neither should prenatal children be executed in the name of wiping out a relatively common disability.

The following Erie area state representative voted YES on HB 1500.

Mark Longietti (D-7)
Daryl Metcalfe (R-12)
Kathy Rapp (R-65)
Brad Roae (R-6)
Curt Sonney (R-4)
Park Wentling (R-17)

The following Erie area state representative voted NO on HB 1500.

Ryan Bizzarro (D-3)
Pat Harkins (D-1)
Bob Merski (D-2)

It is significant that 11 state House Democrats did in fact support HB 1500, which is not only pro-life but also pro-people with disabilities.

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