Long Term Care Grant Program
If you have been holding off on quality projects due to funding, now is the time to consider applying for Civil Money Penalty (CMP) funds. ACT is here to help.
CMP funds are available for projects that support, protect, and benefit residents living in nursing facilities through the Pennsylvania Civil Money Penalty Grant Program. This program opens annually to Pennsylvania nursing facilities for the development and implementation of quality improvement initiatives that directly or indirectly benefit their residents.

This is a unique opportunity to make quality improvements outside the scope of normal operations. It can assist facilities prevent continued noncompliance, improve performance, and/or develop new and innovative approaches to improve the care of their residents.

The grants can be used for the following project categories:

  • Direct Improvement to Quality of Care
  • Resident or Family Councils
  • Culture Change/Quality of Life
  • Consumer Information
  • Training

Obtaining a grant is hard work and can involve numerous, time-intensive steps. Send us your concept and we can help develop and execute a strategic plan for the application, as well as provide consulting services throughout the grant writing and submission process. 
Applications must be received by the CMP grant committee by May 31, 2021. Do not miss this window of opportunity to help bring new projects to life or enhance crucial, existing services.

For more information on Pennsylvania’s LTC Grant Program, guidelines for applicants, and the application and selection process, please visit the Long-Term Care Grant webpage on the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.
Contact your Arnett Carbis Toothman advisor to discuss how we may assist in your grant application or email us at