Volume 6 / February 2020
Penrose Elementary School
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Michelle Lesser ~ Principal (mlesser@re-2.org)
Sheryl Gifford ~ Assistant Principal (sgifford@re-2.org)
Joe DeSalvo ~ Counselor (jdesalvo@re-2.org)

Dear Penrose Families,

            When you think about the month of February what comes to mind? Do you think about Ground Hog Day and how much more winter we have to endure? How about President’s Day and how lucky we are to live in the United States of America. Maybe you have a countdown to the Super Bowl? Perhaps you are gearing up to celebrate the Year of the Tiger for the Chinese New Year? Well, if we ask the children what they think about when they hear February they say, “Valentine’s Day!”

            Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation for people we love. Many of us approach this holiday with trepidation and anxiety due to painful memories that left us full of heartache rather than joy. These days we are bombarded for weeks with commercial messages insisting love is a heart-shaped box of candy, diamonds, and stuffed animals. Like the Christmas barrage, it is hard to escape. As parents, we can do a lot to help our children put Valentine’s Day in perspective.
            First, be clear about your own feelings about Valentine’s Day. Is this holiday important to you? Do you expect gifts and cards? Do you give them?

            Talk with your child’s teacher about their Valentine’s Day policies. If your child is expected to give valentines to every child in the class, then make sure they do so. 

            Share your own experiences of Valentine’s Day- both good and bad. Remember counting how many valentines you received?

            If your child balks at giving a valentine to a classmate that he/she doesn’t like, listen to his/her feelings. It’s unreasonable to expect your child to like everyone, but it is important he/she learns to get along well with others, and follow class rules.

            If your child wants to do something special for a friend, make a special time for them to get together outside of the school day.

            Remember that as parents, we transmit values to our children through our behavior. If we celebrate Valentine’s Day as exchanging expensive gifts, it is likely that our children will want to do the same.

Finally, it’s never too early to help children express love and friendship in ways that transcend materialism. Because young children are concrete thinkers, it’s hard for  them to understand a concept that can’t be represented by objects. But watching you give gifts of kindness, time, compassion, respect, and thoughtfulness to the people you love—not just on holidays but throughout the year—they will learn that “I love you” means so much more than three words inscribed on a candy heart.

                                                                                    Yours Truly,

                                                                                    Michelle Lesser
February Dates to Remember
3rd: Knowledge Bowl Practice 4:00
3rd: Girls Group 4:00
4th: Battle of the Books 4:00
4th: Thinker Tinkers 4:00
5th: STEAM Club 4:00
6th: One School, One Book Celebration 5:30-7:30
10th: Knowledge Bowl Practice 4:00
13th: Valentine's Day Parties (check with your child's teacher for specifics)
13th: PTO 4:00
17th: No School-Presidents' Day
18th: Thinker Tinkers 4:00
19th: STEAM Club 4:00
20th: PTO Family Dance 6:00-8:00
20th: STUCO Meeting 4:00
24th: Girls Club 4:00
25th: Girls Club 4:00
27th: 5th Grade Ag Fest Field Trip 9:00
27th: Pickle & Popcorn Sales 3:00
From the Office
Student Hours: 8:20-3:50

First Bell Rings at 8:15

Office is Open 7:55 to 4:10

PLEASE label all student belongings including:
coats, hats, gloves, mittens, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc
You're Invited!
Our Nim's Island Celebration is here! Come join us for an island of fun on Thursday, February 6th from 5:30-7:30. We have a ton of fun activities for students and their families. You don't want to miss it!
Fun Fact!
February 7th is National Bubble Gum Day. Unwrap your favorite piece of bubble gum and blow a bubble to celebrate!
PTO Presents...
A Roaring 2020
Family Dance

When: Thursday, February 20th
Time: 6:00 PM-8
Where: PES Gym
Tickets: $20/couple
$5 for each extra person

A flyer is coming home with students soon.
SRO did you know?

Seat Belt Safety

Find out if your child is ready for the seat belt alone by doing the  Safety Belt Fit Test :

  • Check knees and feet. Your child’s knees should bend at the edge of the seat when her back and bottom are against the vehicle seat back. Her feet should touch the floor for comfort and stability.
  • Check the lap belt. The vehicle lap belt must fit snugly across the hips or upper thighs.
  • Check the shoulder belt. The shoulder belt must fit across the shoulder and chest, NOT across the face or neck.

If your child doesn’t pass the test, keep him in a booster seat until he does.

Deputy Fetterhoff
From the Health Office

Knowing whether a child is well enough to go to school can be tough for any parent. It often comes down to whether a child can still participate at school. Having a sore throat, cough, or mild congestion doesn't always mean a child can't handle class and other activities.

Of course, never send a child to school who has a fever, is nauseated or  v omiting , or has  diarrhea . Kids who lose their appetite, are clingy or lethargic, complain of pain, are drooling with mouth sores, or who just don't seem like themselves should also take a sick day. If your child will need more care than the teacher can provide, it's probably best to keep your child at home.

The visual below is a useful tool in helping to determine if your child should stay home.

Miss Tami
Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment (FCDPHE) would like to help students and community members have access to immunizations in the Florence area.

FCDPHE will hold immunization clinics in the T&I building on February 28, 2020. For more information please contact the District RN, Lori Steinbeck at 784-6312.
American HEART Month
February is American Heart Month. Don't forget to wear RED on Friday, February 7th in recognition of HEART Month!

Have a Heart Healthy Month!  

Check out these 5th grade writings based on some of your favorite fairytale characters.
Mrs. Drake's and Mrs. Sabo's K/1st Graders have been writing up a storm. Come check out what they would do if they were a snowman at night.
Student Council Box Tops Contest
Please continue to send in your Box Tops!

Our contest will be starting soon!
Have Something to Report?
Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family, or your community!


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