May 2022
Penrose Elementary School
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Michelle Lesser ~Principal (
Joe DeSalvo ~ Counselor (

May Dates to Remember
RAT= Read-a-thon

May 2-5: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

May 3:     RAT PJ Day to those with coupon
May 4:     8:30-11:30 6th to Middle School
May 5:     May Beaver of the Month Announced
May 7:     8:00 AM YETI pictures and RUN Blossom
May 9:     Beaver of the Month Lunches 
May 10: Talent Show Auditions 4:30
May 10. 9:00-9:30 Miss Nikki's Class to Visit K
May 11:    RAT Pizza Lunch for winning Class
May 11:    9:00-9:30 Miss Lacy’s Class to Visit K
May 12:   9:00-9:30 Miss Hanna’s Class to Visit K
May 12:    8:00-3:00 4th to El Pueblo
May 12:   10:15-3:00 5th to Prison Museum
May 16:    9:00-2:30 Kindergarten to Pueblo Zoo
May 17: 6:00 pm Talent Show
May 18:    12:30-2:30 1st grade to Penrose Library
May 19:    1:45-3:45 3rd-6th Science Fair
May 19:    8:30-10:00 Kinder to Penrose Library
May 23:    K,1,2,3 Penrose Park in AM
May 23:    2:00 School Kona Ice (Parents Welcome)
May 24:    4, 5, 6 Penrose Park in AM
May 24:    2:30 Preschool Continuation 
May 25:    10:00 Kinder Continuation in the Gym
May 25:    2:00 6th Grade Continuation in the Gym
May 26:    8:40-10:40 PreK-3rd Field Day
May 26:    1:00-3:00 4th-6th Field Day
May 26: Report Cards go Home
May 26: Last Day of School

  • All fees must be paid
  • iPad/Chromebook, cords, and bricks must be returned

  • School supply lists will be sent home with Report Cards on May 26th. We will post the supply lists on our Facebook page and on our school website.

  • Lost and found...items left at the end of the year will be donated
From the Office
Student Hours: 8:15-4:10

Office is Open 7:55 to 4:20

PLEASE label all student belongings including:
coats, hats, gloves, mittens, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc
From Mrs. Lesser
Dear Penrose Families,

I can't believe I am writing the final newsletter of the year. The year is quickly coming to a close. I would be lying if I didn't say I was looking forward to having some time to recharge. This is my 28th year in education and I can honestly say it has been the most challenging of my career. However, it is still a year to celebrate. I have learned so much about myself, our school, this community, the state we live in, and our country.

To honor the tradition I started the first year at Penrose, here is the short list of lessons I have learned this school year.

*The second year in a world-wide pandemic will rock your principal world
*No masks make for better communication
*Substitutes are critical and quarantines are challenging
*Music Programs were missed and our kids shined during them
*Kids LOVE big (I've always known that)
*A Makerspace is the coolest room in the school
*Design Thinking spreads like crazy. Kids love it.
*If we ask for donations, our community always comes through
*Our staff is full of ROCKSTARS and deserve millions
*Preschoolers are the cutest humans on the planet
*6th graders push your limits and test your patience, but they still need your love
*See the above for Kindergarten through 5th graders too
*Somebody has to be THE MEAN ONE, but I don't have to like it
*Custodians don't like sidewalk chalk on walls
*How you say something and when you say it will make all the difference

May your Summer be wonderful! See you in August!

Your Penrose Principal
Mrs. Lesser
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
May 2nd-5th
Help us celebrate

Monday: Dress like a Staff Member
Tuesday: Fill our lounge with sweet and savory snacks
Wednesday: Make cards or write letters to staff
Thursday: Buy a $1.00 Flower Gram for staff members

We will have our Flower Grams set up in the lobby near the office starting at 8:00am Thursday!
We are in need of Cases of Water for our Field Day on the Last Day of School, May 26th

*Donations can be dropped off at our front office, between now and May 25th.

Walking Field Trips to Penrose Park

The Penrose Park and Recreation Department are providing our students with activities and a
FREE Lunch at the Penrose Park on the following dates:

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade: Monday, May 23rd 9:30-12:30

3rd Grade through 6th Grade: Tuesday, May 24th 9:30-12:30


Preschool Continuation is May 24th @ 2:30

Kindergarten Continuation is May 25th @ 10:00

6th Grade Continuation is May 25th @ 2:00

Thursday, August 11th
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
2022/2023 NEW Student Registration
Now Registering for the 2022/2023
School Year!
*Grades 1st through 6th

If your child is a current student, you will not need to register for next school year, but we will ask you to update information in the fall.

Please go to the Fremont RE-2 Website

Give your child the school experience they deserve!
Introducing our NEW SRO...Amanda Winters

Officer Winters is a mom and a wife. Her son will be graduating from high school this year.

She loves dogs and children. She was a School Resource Officer in Canon City prior to joining the Florence Police Department.

Please welcome her to our Penrose Beaver Family.

From the Health Office

PLEASE be sure to pick up all MEDICATIONS prior to the end of the school year.Medications left will be properly disposed.

Preschool parents, don't forget your child's immunizations prior to starting kindergarten in the fall.

5th Grade Parents, don't forget your child's 6th grade immunizations prior to 6th grade in the Fall.

Please put sunscreen on your children before they come to school.

Don't forget to protect your children from mosquito bites.

Miss Tami
Student Placement 2022/2023

Due to anticipated changes in teaching placements and the importance of creating balanced classrooms I will not be accepting teacher requests for the 2022/2023 school year.

Our teachers take the time to make class lists based upon the best interests of students. We balance the classrooms by gender, academic ability, special programming, social/emotional needs, personality types, and more. Please trust us to make the best decisions for your child.

I am confident that EVERY teacher in our school is effective. I know, because I evaluate them. I would put my son in ANY classroom. In fact, I don't request a teacher. It is important for students to interact with different teaching styles and personalities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email ( I will schedule a time for you to visit with me.

Mrs. Lesser
Teaching Placements for NEXT School Year
(as of May 2...this could change)

Kindergarten: Aimee McKibbin & Kim Henninger
First Grade: Mindy Sabo & Sarah Kammerdiener
Second Grade: Jake Eskridge & Shelly Leenerts
Third Grade: Brittany Olguin & Olivia Patterson
Fourth Grade: Rachel Sutton & April Hegarty
Fifth Grade: Charla Wellborn & Amanda Schleicher
Sixth Grade: Molly Daniels Sabo & Jody Morgan

Counselors: Joe DeSalvo and Brandy Guasta
SPED Teachers: Elaine Eckstrom & To Be Filled
STEAM Teacher: Samantha Vigil
PE: Tony Royer
Music/Choir: Ashley Hagemann
Band: David Woods
A HUGE Shout Out
Sarah Anderson, Jennifer Corkill, and Jacque Olson
They voluntarily provided our students with library services again this year!
Have Something to Report?
Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family, or your community!

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