Volume 2| September 2019
Penrose Elementary School
Every Student Every Day Learning for Life

Michelle Lesser ~Principal (mlesser@re-2.org)
Sheryl Gifford~ Assistant Principal (sgifford@re-2.org)
Joe DeSalvo ~ Counselor (jdesalvo@re-2.org)
September Dates to Remember

September 2019

2nd: Labor Day No School
9-12: NWEA Testing
12th: PTO Meeting @ 4:00
1 8th: School Pictures

Kids Eat Free?
We want to encourage you to fill out our Free and Reduced lunch forms, even if you aren't sure whether or not you will qualify. We have new menus and lots of new options. Kids are raving about the cafeteria lunches. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, also qualify for FREE breakfast. We are so fortunate to be able to serve hot breakfasts at Penrose.

-Please encourage your children to eat breakfast at school.

-This month we will have a "secret breakfast eater". The "secret eater" will rewarded with a delicious healthy prize

-Breakfast is open from 7:55 to 8:15
From the Office
Student Hours: 8:20-3:50

First Bell Rings at 8:15

Office is Open 7:55 to 4:10

PLEASE label all student belongings including:
coats, hats, gloves, mittens, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc
From Mrs. Lesser

Dear Penrose Families, 
      Our school year has started off very well. Students are settling into classrooms, teachers have taught expectations, and we have started beginning of the year testing. Our Kindergarten through third grade students were assessed on DIBELS. Kindergarten through 6th grade students will take NWEA Maps assessments this week.

DIBELS looks at a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills. NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) interim assessments provide essential information about a student's continuum of learning and growth trajectory. MAP is a tool to help identify strengths and opportunities and focus instruction on the areas of greatest need. We use the information from this testing to customize learning for our students.

I feel it is very important to share the above information with you due to a significant change in our School Performance Framework this year. The School Performance Framework (SPF) is a measure the Colorado Department of Education utilizes to hold schools accountable for student learning. Last year at this time, I was giving you embarrassing and unacceptable news. Penrose had earned the rating of Priority Improvement. In my September 2018 newsletter I wrote "I don't want this rating to define who we are as a school, but instead use it to refine our practices to ensure success for our students." I am ecstatic to announce that our rating this year is PERFORMANCE. The highest rating an individual school can receive. We did refine practices and it was a success.

We are committed to ensuring the success of every child at Penrose Elementary School. We need to continue to focus on growth and achievement in English Language Arts and Math. In fact, we won't be satisfied until we can repeat our 2015 National Blue Ribbon status, and possibly not even then.Teachers will be focused on improving instructional practices. We will be analyzing our student data from classroom work, grade level assessments, DIBELS testing and NWEA Maps. We will be encouraging our students to be active participants in monitoring their own learning.
 This will assist us in defining and refining the complexities of teaching and learning. We are VERY proud of our School Performance Framework this year. But, we still have work to do.

For more information 

If you ever have concerns, questions, celebrations, thoughts, or ideas, please contact me at (719) 372-6777 or mlesser@re-2.org
Michelle Lesser     
   Your PES Principal
Feature Heading
Do You Appreciate Up-to-Date Communication?

I would like to invite you to join my free, safe, and simple messaging tool (you won’t be able to communicate back to me) that will allow me to share important updates, reminders, and safety information for our school. All personal information is kept private. I won’t ever see your phone number, nor will you see mine.

You can join by entering 81010 on your phone in the “To:” section
In the “ Message:” section of your phone, text: @pes2020

You can “unsubscribe” at any time.

You will need to "rejoin" for this year. Previous years have been deleted.
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Important Attendance Policy
Dear Parents,
We certainly don't want you to send your children to school ill. However, we are bound by attendance laws, just like you.
Student attendance is a direct responsibility of the parent/guardian and the student, as outlined in the Compulsory Attendance Act 22-33-104(5) (a) C.R.S. 
  • By Colorado Law, Four (4) unexcused absences in a 30 day period or 10 unexcused during the school year will result in a child being considered habitually truant.
  • Unexcused means the school did not receive notification of your child’s absence in a timely manner and /or the absence reason is not covered under reasons listed in the board policy.
  • Children are allowed 10 excused absences per school year. 
  • Each absence after 10 is considered unexcused unless the school is given a doctor's note.
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am will accrue a 1/2 day absence
  • Students picked up prior to 3:20 pm will accrue a 1/2 day absence
Please be Advised: After 30 absences in a school year, the building principal may choose to retain the student
Cell Phones

It seems that everybody has a cell phone these days. Technology has changed the way we work, play, communicate, learn, and even socialize. Our phones keep us and our kids safe. They enable us to call for help in an emergency, find our way when we are lost (who needs a map), and they help us keep track of one another. 
They are truly an indispensable part of our lives. 
While the majority of our young people are using them responsibly, as parents, we still need to worry about our kids using these powerful devices. 

What we do at school...
1. Children are not to have their devices on them during the day
2. Cell phones can be given to the teacher or kept in a back pack on silent
3. Cell phones are to be used before and/or after school
4. We have phones in every classroom, and a phone in the office that students are allowed to use during non-instructional times and for emergencies.

If you have made the decision to have your child carry a phone, please consider...
    -is my child able to understand the cost of providing a phone?
    -is my child ready to care for the phone
    -is my child able to manage his/her time 
    -is my child able to use the phone politely, in a way that respects feelings
    -does my child understand the implications of sending inappropriate photos or text messages
    -am I (the parent) willing to monitor apps? social media? text messages? photos?

SRO did you know?

  School days bring congestion: School buses are picking up their passengers, kids on bikes are hurrying to get to school before the bell rings, harried parents are trying to drop their kids off before work. It's never more important for drivers to slow down and pay attention than when kids are present – especially before and after school.

Please be sure to watch your speed in our School Zone. Tickets will be issued for speeding. 

Deputy Fetterhoff
From the Health Office

If your child will need to take prescription medication at school, don’t forget to fill out the required form (you can get this from our Health Tech), and obtain a doctor’s signature.

Call if you have questions. 372-6777

Children should eat breakfast every day!
We serve a hot breakfast every morning at school.

Kindergarten parents, don't forget your child's i mmunizations.

6th Grade Parents, don't forget your child's 6th grade i mmunizations.

Miss Tami
We Are a Title School
What does that mean?

The purpose of Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and close the achievement gap between high- and low-performing children, especially the achievement gaps between minority and non-minority students, and between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers.

How is Title 1 determined?
Our Free and Reduced lunch rate determines our Title 1 status. Currently our Free and Reduced Lunch rate is about 53%. The more families who qualify for Free and Reduced lunch, the more monies our school receives to support our students. Apply today. 

Please save your Box Tops Contests starting soon!
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