Sunday Reflection
St. John's Church, Lafayette Square
Pentecost 5 | June 20, 2021
Good morning St. John's Community,
The image here is entitled, "Peace Be Still" and was created by the artist, He Qi. It is a depiction of the Gospel we hear today of Jesus rebuking the wind and saying to the sea, "Peace be still" (Mark 4:39). My favorite part about this painting is the inclusion of the dove above Jesus' head carrying an olive branch. That image points back to the end of the flood, when Noah's dove returns to the ark with a fresh branch (Genesis 8:11). That branch is how they know that the flood is over and new life can begin again. I find a similar olive branch sign reconnecting with many of you at church. Each somewhat silly elbow-bump feels to me like that dove, full of life and hope in the midst of our precarious world.
Worship is at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. No sign-ups are required. Please remember to wear a mask. Free valet parking is available.

To join us online for worship, the service will be streamed live at 9am on our Worship Page and on our Facebook page. We will post the service to our YouTube Channel later in the day.

For the full update on all the new guidelines for in-person worship, you may click here.


The Rev. Savannah Ponder
Associate Rector
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