Pentecost Offering for
New Church Ministry
May 29-June 5

The Pentecost offering will be received in our congregations and online HERE with a designation on the pull down menu for Pentecost. The gifts received are divided 50/50 between congregations in our own regional church and with the new church ministries of our whole church that equips pastors for ministry in new and affiliating congregations.

At our regional assembly last weekend we formally celebrated a change that actually happened in 2020 -- the full recognition of three new congregations into the Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho. The pastors of these three congregations led at the communion table at the closure of Assembly. The are, left to right...
  • Pastor Kikuo Yerem, Pacific Islands Family Church, Portland. Pastor Yerem is a member of our Regional Board representing the Columbia Gorge District
  • Pastor Shari Eggleston, Portsmouth Union Church, Portland. Interim Pastor Eggleston is a member of our Regional Board and Co-Chair of our Regional Commission on Ministry
  • Pastor Carlos Bernier, Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Vida, Gresham. Pastor Bernier is a graduate of our Certificate of Ministry Program in partnership with Disciples Seminary Foundation.
You can learn more about the newest congregations in our regional church by:

You can contact Bernice Rivera, Leadership Development Associate for the Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho,, for additional information.
Thank you Thank You to the amazing local arrangements committee of Salem FCC!!!

Regional Assembly 2022
by the numbers....
  • 211 People registered and 177 individuals attended some part of the in person sessions
  • 40 congregations were represented, 34 of those congregation were from our regional church made up of 44 congregations
  • 93 of those registered were pastors or members of pastoral families
  • 63 registered from Salem FCC
  • Somewhere between 50-70 attended sessions that were streamed
  • Two of our streamed services dropped during the service HOWEVER they were recorded and the second half of each is now edited onto the videos that are posted for view
  • 23 people led in worship Friday evening/Saturday afternoon representing 16 of our congregations, Disciples Seminary Foundation, Week of Compassion and our Global Mission Partners.
  • 5 General Ministries were represented in our workshop leadership: Christian Church Foundation, Disciple Church Extension Fund, Global Ministries, Pension Fund, Week of Compassion
  • We had a theme song!! You can hear it at mark 2.03.00 in this video.
  • We elected officers for the 2022-24 class of our regional board, representing 27 of our congregations and members from all 3 of our languages
  • An offering of $3,580 has been received so far for FEDICE Ecuador, with the offering still open until May 31.
  • Held a conversation to think about leaning into our future as a regional church. This can be seen on this video. At this writing the video has 74 views.
  • A full screen of people attended each of the two zoom workshops
  • 8 workshops were offered in person
  • 8 congregations were represented in the Regional Choir on Saturday afternoon
  • 10 pastors received Honored Minister Pins presented by Rod Witte of The Pension Fund of the Disciples of Christ
  • Over 50 hygiene kits were assembled for people in fragile situations from donated materials brought by assembly participants.
  • Children and youth enjoyed times of song, craft, building hygiene kits, and storytelling thanks to staff and volunteers from at least 7 congregations

You can find multiple items still posted to our Regional Assembly link on our webpage:
  • Link to FEDICE Offering and Regional Assembly expenses Offering
  • Docket containing all the reports to the Regional Assembly
  • Links to the streamed worship services, business session, futuring conversation
  • Links to all of the videos shown at the assembly including 3 videos by Dean Phelps, Pentecost video, regional video for the General Board
  • All the Bible Studies and information that was sent before the assembly

Watch our Facebook Page, Website and Constant Contact email platform for more pictures
and an evaluation form next week.
Programs and resources are provided to you by your Regional Church and the whole church ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which are supported by Disciples Mission Fund, Annual Fund gifts, the Christmas Offering, designated gifts, and invested funds Learn more about the Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho HERE.