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If Jeff was writing this article he'd tell you that he has to reapeat almost everything he tells me at least twice, usually three or four times for me to hear what he's telling me. It's a weakness I'm not proud of, I'd like to report that I'm working on this weakness, but the truth is, I'm no better today than I was yesterday, last week, or last year.

But he'd also tell you that I'm very good at encouraging people and reminding them to not give up hope and to keep on going because it's always worth the effort...all good things are.

Here's what I've discovered that people need most. People need...

1.    To be encouraged - People like to know that someone is rooting for them, that someone is in their corner. It's not the getting started that's hard for most of us, it the keeping on that set's us back. Let's remember to encourage those people who are strong enough and brave enough to start something that makes their lives work better. Our words have power; in fact they may be the only strength that someone can draw upon during times of discouragement.

2.    To be reminded how wonderful they are - I personally don't like public recognition, don't get me wrong, I enjoy being the center of attention when I'm on stage or teaching a class, but I get embarrassed with public accolades. Behind the scenes though is something all together different, I always appreciate a one-on-one, "thank you, you're wonderful at what you do." Those are the words that keep me going when the going gets tough.

3.    To be believed in - "I believe in you," is perhaps the most powerful encourager of all. Telling someone that you believe that they've got what it takes to accomplish what they have their heart set on is a strong motivator toward success.We encourage our children to do better in school, or to pass a test, but how often do we take the time to tell an adult friend, family member, or colleague, "I believe in you"?

4.    To be heard - To listen to someone and to hear someone are two completely different actions. For someone to really hear what we have to say is breathtakingly reassuring! To know and understand that we have been heard is the greatest gift one person can give another. Dr. Scott Peck explains this in his book The Road Less Traveled, by telling the reader that the time we choose to spend with another person is how we choose to demonstrate our love for them. Hearing someone is no easy task because it is a task of true affection.

5.    To be told that they are capable of accomplishing all of their dreams - How beautiful the day when we know that there is someone in the world who believes in the beauty of our dreams. Let's take the time to tell others that they are brave and smart enough to do anything they choose to do.

6.    To remind each other of this - Let's hold each other up, let's encourage one another and let's remind others to keep on doing the good work of lifting our families, friends and colleagues up. In my book, Dream Circles, How to Make Your Dreams Come True through the Power of Sharing, my best friend and co-author, Candace Ryan discusses a concept we call "Going Upstairs," where when you help someone to go upstairs (a metaphor for succeeding) you get to go upstairs too. When we help one other person to do better, to take that first step, to complete a difficult project, or simply to believe in them --- we also lift up every other person in our community and on this planet.

I wish you love for your heart and joy for your soul and peace for your mind. Thank you for reading my articles! I love hearing your encouraging words reminding me that my work matters.

Love from the Road, Jeff and Katreena 
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