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July 2014

  • Six more Tools to Work through Trauma
  • ALL Q - Holistic Intelligence Programme
  • Frustration Transformed 

Six more Tools to work through Trauma
Part Two
See last's month's Newsletter for Part One


1       Forgiveness: Forgive yourself first. Forgive someone else next. Forgive life, or God, or whatever it is that is preventing you from being your full, whole and TrueSelf. Move into a new energy space and see what shows up for you!


2       Be kind: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Be kind so that you may allow others to be kind to you. See yourself in the "equation of life" playing a vital and equal part - it is empowering whilst creating accountability and authenticity.


3       Volunteer: Some of your pent up energy can be used in making yourself useful to others or taking on a specific cause eg volunteer to play games, help with homework or read at a children's home. This is a sure way of becoming grateful for what you have, can give and can receive.


4       Gratitude: At bedtime, scan the day for five different things that you are grateful for from this specific day.


5       Prioritise: A goals-journal identifies, aligns and acknowledges you as successful.


6       Self-Talk: Be conscious of what you are telling yourself (or not). Your self-talk sets you up for your future.


For the past twelve years I have been working these steps with my clients. They are revealing, challenging and beneficial. They work in all circumstances. "Each person is a unique individual with unique circumstances". It is your job to become a "better person, not in spite of your circumstances but because of them" - Viktor Frankl. When life becomes your choice and your responsibility, you will get to co-create with life. Get clarity as to what it is that you want. Clarity will result in meaning, purpose and fulfillment - this is the recipe for happiness. Bouncing back can be great fun!


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Barbara Johnson 

All Q - Holistic Intelligence Programme
Personal and Professional Engagement of Life

Life is calling YOU to live fully into your potential. It is your job now to get past the despair, despondency and the doubt that creates blockages. Blockages create havoc with your processing of information, attitude and behaviours for your best results - ie living into your potential!


LD offers an ALL Intelligence approach to Personal and Professional Engagement to life. This approach of holistic re-balancing will favorably impact in the way you engage with your world, your performance and your contribution in both your domestic and work environments.


The All Q Programme is about Trauma, Transformation and Transcendence as it impacts your Mind, Body and Soul. Impact goes further to include your Relationships (RQ) Creativity (CQ) and Motivation (MQ).


Imagine what would happen when you get to work with your connectivity back to your core self. Imagine what would happen when you get to realise the support you actually have in your life. Imagine what would happen when you get to realise your connection to the extended human world, the unhuman world (animals and plants) and the spiritual world.


Life is so very much bigger than you think. Somewhere in the depths of yourself is a yearning, an unheard cry for the meaning of your life that is beyond the conscious, tangible world. There is a much bigger world going of which you are a part. The creative cycles of change are a part of your unconscious reality that you unwittingly sense is there, but have difficulty in accessing.


Now is your opportunity to address what the world tends to ignore. This programme will assist you to work through what translates into Trauma for you and become conscious of your life questions that need your solutions. The change is Transformation which restores that place for Transcendence - reaching towards others, cause and life itself. You will be in a position to dedicate yourself to life as the whole human being your soul knows you to be - that's a life worth living!  


Trauma, Transformation, Transcendence, Mind, Body and Soul impact your co-creating with life. It is in your thinking, attitude and commitment to a life that you dedicate yourself to living fully as a whole human being. In your taking charge of your self-leadership, you will become self-motivated and self-directing.


This work is for the few - not everyone will want to remember their sacred contract with life itself. If you are one of the few, you now have found a platform for open and frank discussion for you to move forward into the potential of your life - this is the work that I facilitate - let's chat, Barbara Johnson



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Frustration Transformed

Let go of those little voices and rules



Have you ever come to the end of the day, still wishing to feel that it was a worthwhile day - a day that had included something specific, but you had not got to? It can be a small thing, like reading the next chapter of your novel or even doing some research on a specific subject.


Very often that type of frustration builds up over time - small to begin with and then it seems like the whole success of your day, week or month depends on it.


We have blocks in our thinking that prevents us from doing the things we want to be doing. No longer do we hear the little voice prohibiting us, the "rules" preventing us from doing what it is we want to be doing.


It happened to me again this past week. I wanted to get to reading for the sake of research. I never got to the reading, the research or the solution - frustration built. I become disheartened in that I was dissatisfied at the end of the day.


Just do it! Just get to it. Set a time and do it! So I did! Once I came back from the gym and ate breakfast, I sat down and read for an hour.   I set a timeframe for the start and the finish. I "formalised" it as part of my day. I gave up the head-game of reading as not being part of my business day - in fact, that was ridiculous, as reading is new energy, new info and new approaches - all of which is part of my work in the development of myself and the development of my clients.


I felt embarrassed that I had not seen through the saboteur earlier - but now that I have, I no longer have any difficulty in setting up time to read at a specific time and place. I make it a special time, by adding tea/coffee and my journal to take notes, to add to the puzzle of info that I already have put together and to reflect on the consequences of my new learning bringing light to the old problem.


So, where in your life are you sabotaging your desires, dreams or development?


The irony is that once I read, I felt at ease and with time to spare. Even more surprising was that I got on with the requirements of the day with extra speed and efficiency! Once the draining energy of wishing, frustration and putting off was out of the way, the rest of the day seemed to flow with precision and specificity.   In gratitude, I faced the night scanning of the day with a greater sense of enjoyment. The frustration addressed; transformation resulted as satisfaction!


The world is changing at an ever-faster speed.   More and more we need to be vigilant as to the voices, attitudes or rules of others or ourselves that are no longer fitting to our age, our circumstances or our goals.


Let's chat, Barbara Johnson


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