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Blog - Jan 2015
What do YOU want from a Consultant?

What do YOU want from a Consultant?


All too often, we call in for a Consultant without being clear as to what skills we require in a specific Consultant.


For the past 12 years, Leadership Dimensions has offered people development Counseling and Coaching. Our offering has expanded into business Consulting through Coopers & Associates and PDA International. PDA - Personal Development Assessments - now in 35 countries and operating for the past 20 years, offers a powerful system and tool that, based on William M Marston, analyses the Natural Behavioural Profile of individuals and their potential. PDA goes well beyond the well-known DISC method in that it includes the original idea of EQ - Emotional Intelligence and Energy Levels accurately matching individuals' natural behaviours to positions / roles.

PDA is a simple, accurate and scientific methodology that allows the qualified analyst to evaluate the natural behaviours of the individual against the behavioural demands of a position / role and generates detailed compatibilities applicable to different HR processes.


Completing the PDA form can take between 10 and 15 minutes and generates a comprehensive 24 page report. A feedback session is included. YOU will understand the behavioural predispositions of the individual in a variety of areas and behavioural requirements for a position / role.


Behavioural profile is meaningful and concrete, detailing:


  • Leadership style
  • Decision-making style
  • Analytical ability
  • Business skills
  • Motivation levels
  • Skills and strengths
  • Development areas
  • How to successfully lead specific individuals and teams


PDA also offers "JOB" - a Position Design Process for Predefined or Customised positions. Both designs allow for effective assignment to a position, ensuring good performance of those who cover the position and for successful management of the position.


Correlation studies, made possible from the behaviour profile of the individual and the behaviour requirements of the position itself, creates "the right person for the right job". By knowing the map of individual behaviour characteristics and the map for the job requirement characteristics YOU can reduce the margin of error and assign your employees and applicants appropriate tasks, responsibilities and challenges in line with their main strengths and areas of motivation.


As a business Consultant, I add value in being a Coach and Counsellor. I work across Trauma, Transformation and Transcendence. I use an array of methodologies to make work environments more inspiring, enjoyable and productive.


Do YOU want "the right people for the right job"?


Do YOU have a budget to get it right?


Do YOU want people to bring an atmosphere of joy, growth and innovation?


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I consult, coach and counsel around less suffering and more growth.

Look within - within YOU and within your Company: the very heart of your Company is your PEOPLE.


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