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Not well known and yet ever present

Not well known and yet with us

Not well known and yet missed when gone.


He came, he was and he left - with contrast, contradiction and ambiguity

He placed chaos in amongst the tranquility

And he brought perfect life balance.


He flounded, fought and frightened a few

He has been and now he is gone

And in his leaving there is now a void


He was who he was, nothing more and nothing less

And in his own way he brought us life lessons

For in his being here, he brought us a way, to being more human, or not - the choice was ours

He brought us his uniqueness, his choices and what was meaningful to him.


We now hold a void, that space that he once  filled

And in that void, we have time to reflect what he left behind

For in the VOID, new perspectives greet us

In all things be grateful - the void is imminent.

The question now raised is, how will we now fill it?


Tribute to Gerrie Pretorius who died Thursday 19 June 2014


Grief counselling via Skype. 

Skype me on Barbara.Johnson48. 

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"Better People, not in spite of, but because of the very circumstances that they found themselves in"
Dr Viktor Frankl
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Light, Love and Life,
Barbara Johnson
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