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 Life Principle -

Listen to the Messenger



We live Life asking questions, making comments and seeking answers.


Yet when answers come to us, they are often ignored, poo-pooed or even delegated to the trashcan.  May I suggest listening to the answer and looking for confirmation.


Messengers come to us in all shapes and form.  In days gone by, Messengers were often killed, if the recipient perceived the message as unfavourable to them. 


This one-sided approach to life is detrimental to moving forward.


For every question asked, there is an answer.  For every positive, there is a negative.  For every end, there is a beginning.  For everything to work in the world there needs to be perfect balance.  Life is two-sided; that is what keeps the balance.


I put out the question to Life as to how I could best assist my sore-feet recovery after I had completed the Otter Trail.  The Messenger arrived - not once, but twice.  Both came with the same answer; two different, unconnected sources.  I have a life principle that it is significant when there is a confirmation of an answer.  I then take heed to do further research and to act upon the answer.  Magnesium is associated with sore-feet recovery.  On this confirmation, I bought magnesium tablets and had a pain free night's sleep.


What Life questions have you been asking?  What messages have you received?  Are you able to get over the Messenger - or is it a matter of whether you like them or dislike them?  Will you respond or negate the answer?  


So often, we have the opportunity of doing something better but we get caught up in being self-righteous.  We want to be the genius that came up with the answer rather than being open as to how Life supports us through the voice, attention, or care of another person, a book or a movie even.  More often than not, we would rather pay for the advice of someone rather than listen to the everyday, available, caring Messenger who comes at no cost.  Life does support us if only we would be open, attentive and grateful for who or what shows up with the answer.


Have you ever found yourself being the Messenger with an answer to someone's question?  The best you can do is to deliver your answer regardless of whether they will act on it or not.  That is their choice and therefore their responsibility. 


For myself, I have found Journaling a wonderful tool to form questions in search of answers.  Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE covers this tool in depth.  Take up your pen and Journal, write out your question and explore what comes up for you.  Engaging your mind in this way will evoke support from your subconscious mind - you will become amazed at what shows itself to you.


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