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Blog - Feb 2015
Master Minds and Accountability


Master Minds and Accountability


Recently I joined a Master Mind - a group of 10 local business women from varying industries.  Same-minded people, to grow their businesses, industries and / or lives hold each other accountable by creating masterminds.


With regular meetings being set up, Master Mind members come together to ask questions looking for ways forward, creating an action plan and returning with confirmation of those actions and possible results. 


Master Minds where originally explored by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich as an idea for business development.  Master Minds are used for anything across health to wealth - anything that is important to you.  Questions asked; members explore answers freely in all areas of possibility, allowing the mental juices to run widely, creatively and fully.  It is only when all the thoughts are exhausted that a list of the most appropriate actions is drafted.  The question owner takes ownership of the action plan.  In a company setting, the action plan would be broken down for the relevant department heads and their delegation of tasks.


The second function of the Master Mind then comes into play when the members return to the next designated meeting.  All action plans are discussed as to what was done, what is in process or what was not looked at.  As the sole purpose of a Master Mind is to "master" something, the focus is action, results and what has in fact been mastered - if only simply to start.  It is about being accountable to the same-minded group of people who had come together in the spirit of assistance, development and moving forward. 


"Accountability" -Blair Singer's has a definition based on "account" and "ability".  Singer says that you need to know your accounts, your stats, your numbers.  It can be the numbers around what your weight is, your heart rate, your blood pressure.  Know your numbers so that you can track them, measure them and adjust them.  This goes for finances, family get-togethers, anything that is important to you.


"Ability" is about being able, your behaviour, your code of honour.  What is it that you live for, stand for or are not willing to stand for?  Viktor Frankl stated that in knowing what you stand for and what you will not stand for, you take on attitude; spiritual meaning towards life that creates purpose in your life.  Imagine what would happen if a Master Mind, be it in a business sense or even a family environment, created a Code of Honour to include:


  • We will be Team Players, inclusive of everyone
  • We will create our stats consciously and reflect on them monthly
  • We will hold ourselves accountable to each other in the Master Mind in all matters of winning, failure and resistance.


Master Minds are highly valued for the development of self, business, ethics and a better way forward.  Let's chat, Barbara



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