Missionaries to the Preborn
hsJanuary 22nd, 2013
Dear Friends of the Preborn,
Forty years today of the national sin of shedding innocent blood. We are here in DC hoping to show Obama the photographs of those he so glibly condemns to death - the helpless preborn.
Yesterday, we had a frutiful day of ministry! We set up for four hours at the Union Station. Had pictures taken of our pictures (of the murdered preborn and those developing in the womb) about ten gazillion times. I like when this happens because I know most will post so their friends can see them - which only extends our reach to thousands more beyond those who saw us on the streets. We passed out thousands of pieces of our literature exposing Planned Parenthood, and which also contains a gospel message. Later in the day, we set up at Capitol and Constitution where both the cars crawling by and the swarms of pedestrians could view our photographs and passed out more lit.
The thing that struck me most was the stunned and horrified looks of the people going past our photographs. I took pictures (I will try to upload and post some of these pictures tonight) of a few of them (feeling rude when I did it), but I could have stood there taking pictures of them all day . They had never seen such photographs before. It was refreshing to look into their eyes and see the horror, disgust, and concern. We had scores of conversations and confrontations. People were talking about our photographs everywhere.
I was approached by CNN's Man on the Street production crew, who had two athiests in tow with them. They asked to record and document a debate between us. We had about a ten minute debate which they filmed. It went really well! So many good things happened yesterday. Thank you for all your prayers! Please pray that men are won to Christ!  
May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!
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Our speaking on behalf of the preborn!
Pastor Matt Trewhella                                                           


Missionaries to the Preborn




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