Peoria Cursillo Newsletter/ April 2022
Peoria Cursillo Community News & Updates

April 2022

Sign up for Cursillo programs can be done by calling the Cursillo Office at 309/676-5587 or online. Following is a list of upcoming events. Feel free to invite a friend to join you! Please see more information about upcoming events at the link to our website below:
Upcoming Events

Join us tomorrow for our in-person April Ultreya!

The Ultreya is Saturday, April 2 at Highview Christian Church in Washington, IL, beginning at 6 p.m. No need to sign up....please plan to join us!

The evening will feature a lay talk focused on our theme, "In God's Time," followed by a prayer service and social time!
  • Lay Speaker: Scott Koch
  • Host/Prayer Service: Pastor Jim Gorby
(Please note that this will not be a Mass for Catholics and communion will not be served)
Highview Christian Church
403 James Parkway
Washington, IL 61571

Guests and families are welcome! Hope to see you there!
Peoria Cursillo’s Commitment to Thrive in the Future
Two weeks ago, we shared the following message with the Peoria Cursillo community following the news from the Catholic Diocese of Peoria concerning the use of the Spalding Renewal Center. We're republishing our message today, and have additional information below.

Dear members and supporters of the Peoria Cursillo family,
We just shared the news release from the Catholic Diocese of Peoria to significantly restrict the usage of the Spalding Renewal Center. The decision means, as of mid-May, we will no longer be able to use the Spalding Renewal Center for Cursillo, TEC, Prison and other ministries. While we are disappointed in this decision, we understand it.
The Spalding Renewal Center has been our home since 1991, and we know for many of you, it holds numerous personal and spiritual memories. From the numerous Cursillo weekends held there to Monday Night masses and team meetings to group reunions shared within the walls, the Center has offered a place to grow closer to the Lord and to bring others closer. For some of you, you’ve invested countless hours and sweat – and even tears – in cooking and cleaning, and various remodeling projects from painting to plumbing. While this may be painful, it’s important to remember…Cursillo is much more than a building, and as a community, we’ve proven time and again our resilience and our commitment to God and bringing others to God’s loving embrace.
The Peoria Cursillo movement remains strong, and with the continued guidance from the Holy Spirit, we will not only survive, but we will thrive in the future. For nearly 60 years, all of us – and many before us – have united to pursue a life in grace through our piety, study and apostolic action. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we are flexible, and we are adaptable. Since March 2020, we’ve been waiting to hold Cursillo #1200 in the Peoria area. But in that time, we’ve persevered as a community, and will continue to persevere.
We want you to understand three key items:
1.   We are working on plans for some final events to be held at the Spalding Renewal Center between now and May 15. We will communicate these events soon.
2.   We intend to hold Cursillo weekends in 2022, and are targeting a return later this Summer. We know these weekends will not occur at the Spalding Renewal Center. We have a team investigating temporary locations where we can resume our weekend activity. No firm dates or locations have been established.
3.   We are looking for a long-term home to house Cursillo, TEC, Prison and other ministries. The Diocese has told us it remains in full support of our movement and will work with our communities to find a new location.
As the Peoria Cursillo leadership and on behalf of the Peoria Cursillo Steering Committee , we ask for your understanding, patience, acceptance, and most of all your prayers during this time of transition. We are a ministry of evangelization and we will continue to Go Make Disciples.
Think of the picture of Jesus that hangs in the Spalding Renewal Center conference room and look at the back of your Cursillo cross. Christ is Counting on Us! Together, we can carry on his ministry….and we will.
God Bless,
Deacon Rick Miller, co-Spiritual Director, Peoria Cursillo
Sr. Subha Clare Ramesh, co-Spiritual Director, Peoria Cursillo
Dave Templin, Peoria Cursillo Lay Director

Since this announcement was made, we've begun to organize some final events for our community at the Spalding Renewal Center. Additional details are forthcoming, but please mark your calendar now for these events:

Upcoming Events
(Final Events at the Spalding Renewal Center)

  • Monday, April 25: Monday Night Mass
  • Presider: Msgr. Jerry Ward
  • Speaker: Dcn. Rick Miller
  • Theme: "Reflections on the Spalding Renewal Center"
  • Monday, May 2: Monday Night Service
  • Presiders: Deacons of our Community
  • Speaker: Dave Templin
  • Theme: "The Future of Cursillo"

  • Saturday, May 7: May Cursillo Ultreya
  • Presider: Msgr. Jerry Ward
  • Speaker: Ken Zika
  • Theme: “In God’s Time”

As we search for a new home, we're asking the Lord for guidance. We've created the following prayer, and we ask you to pray it with us at this time:

Cursillo Prayer for Guidance
God of love and God of infinite compassion,
We thank You for calling us into a closer relationship with You and with our Christian community in Cursillo.
We thank You for our spiritual home for the past 30 years through which many have been brought to Your loving arms. Please be with us as we mourn the loss of our spiritual home.
God of abundance, we ask You to open the doors of our new spiritual home. Open our hearts, Lord, to trust in Your perfect timing and Your perfect direction.
Lord, we ask You to guide us and inspire us to continue the work You have called us to further Your kingdom here on earth.
O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful; grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy Your consolations.
Carpenter's Toolbox
Additional resources for your journey

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Cursillo Service Spotlight

2022 Cursillo Anniversaries

10 yr #1007 Tom Mueller
15 yr #855 Dennis Damery (D)
20 yr #691 Bill Embry
25 yr #530 Jerry McCann
30 yr #402 Roger Kassing
35 yr #304 Pat Hinds
40 yr #201 Mary Jane West
45 yr #107 Gene Slevin (D)
10 yr #1010 Darlene Roodhouse
15 yr #858 Linda Blossom
20 yr #695 Deb Fanning
25 yr #533 Nancy Scurry (D)
30 yr #404 Joy Sullivan
35 yr #306 Neal Claussen
40 yr #203 Bob Jennetten
45 yr #109 Patty Filzen
50 yr #W15 Kathy Grimm (D)
55 yr #W4 Marg Tuerk

A Prayer to Bring a Friend to Christ

Loving and gracious God,
I thank you for calling me into a closer relationship with you through Cursillo;
I thank you for my sponsor who heeded your call to invite me to a Cursillo weekend;
I ask, Lord, that if it is your desire, you put someone in my heart to invite to make a Cursillo,
and ask that you give me the words and faith to guide them.
Lord help me to bring a friend to your loving and merciful embrace.
I ask this in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Spiritual Message
Our Lenten Journey

A Message from
Deacon Rick Miller
We are past the mid-point of our Lenten preparations. Let’s take a short time to reflect on the progress of our prayer and penance. As I write this, I realize that my Lenten preparation often seems to take the same path as my New Year’s resolutions. I begin with reasonable goals and desires but then life seems to dilute and distract my journey. Our Lenten journey is not simply about sacrifice and giving up but rather a prayerful human journey of seeking to grow closer to God.

In his book, "The Return of the Prodigal Son," Henri Nouwen describes the challenge of growing closer to God particularly during Lent. He suggests three important steps.
  1. First, we must move from being a bystander in the crowd listening to Christ’s teaching to being a participant in the works of the Father and the Son. As St. Therese of Lisieux wrote, “I always prefer to pray rather than have spiritual conversations about prayer.” God is seeking participants in His ministry – prayer is our entry point to serving God.
  2. Second, we are challenged to move from judging others to recognizing that we are repentant sinners.
  3. Finally, possibly the most difficult challenge, can we move from speaking about God’s love to actually letting ourselves be loved by God? Openness to the love of God requires first and foremost our trust and humility.

To accept God’s love, we must free ourselves from the burden of sin. Many Catholics today are uncomfortable with reconciliation, but have we considered that “confession” is a sacrament of God’s mercy? Are we sufficiently humble to see it as a sacrament of God’s love? Lent is truly a time to open our hearts and souls to the lasting love of God. May the remaining days of our Lenten journey bless us all deeply!

God Bless,
Deacon Rick