Peoria Cursillo Newsletter/ May 2021
Peoria Cursillo Community News & Updates

MAY 2021

Sign up for Cursillo programs can be done by calling the Cursillo Office at 309/676-5587 or on-line. Following is a list of upcoming Rekindle events. Feel free to invite a friend to join you! Please see more information about upcoming events at the link to our website below:

Please join us on Twitter!!
We’ve expanded our social media presence and Peoria Cursillo now has a page on Twitter! If you’re on Twitter, please follow us at
Initially, we will use this page to provide a daily Bible verse, and we will look for additional opportunities to use this communication platform to share about Peoria Cursillo. Do you have a favorite Bible verse that you’d like to see? Or is there a certain day you’d like to provide a verse (like your anniversary or birthday)? Do you have an anniversary for a loved one that you would like to remember with a bible verse? If so, please send it to Bill Fischer at for consideration for inclusion.

Upcoming Events Piety, Study, Action

Monday Night Mass: 7 pm CDT in-person at Blessed Sacrament in Morton or via Face Book Live via the Peoria Cursillo Office page (a link is on our website)

Rosary: In-person in the Cursillo Chapel (sign up required) held twice a month. Upcoming dates: May 6 & May 20; 7 pm CDT. 
Each week the rosary will be said for a specific intention. If you cannot attend in person, you can now join us on Face Book Live!
To sign up to attend our next Rosary on May 6..... click here:

2021 Ultreya: The theme for 2021 Ultreyas is Go Make Disciples, which is Bishop Tylka’s motto. Please join us on Saturday, May 8th at 7pm CDT. Mark Bursott will give the Ultreya talk via Zoom. Dcn. Ed Mallow will be our Spiritual Director and give the homily for the Liturgy of the Word Service. Join your Cursillo family for an evening of spiritual talks, music and conversation. Invite a guest!
To sign up to attend the Ultreya on May 8..... click here:

Compassion Ministry: We have a new action group that reaches out to existing Cursillistas with sympathy cards, get well messages, prayers for those giving reflections, holiday messages, etc. to encourage and support those within our community.  If you know of someone who would appreciate a message, simply reply to this email. We can also add them to our weekly prayer list.

Service Action Program:  Cursillo Rekindle is pleased to introduce a new program, Service Action, for our Cursillo community. This program is intended to lend a hand to those in our Cursillo community who need assistance with household repairs, lawn care, or other actions that they are unable to provide for themselves. If you or someone you know in our community could use assistance, simply reply to this email. Our Service Action program members will contact you if they can provide the service. Our team members will provide the service free of charge. If materials and supplies are required, you are requested to provide.

Action Opportunity - Painting the Dining Room:  If you would like to assist with the painting of the dining room at the Spalding Renewal Center building, please sign up at the following link. We have a small group reunion taking on this project and they could use some help! Please sign up on Tuesday, May 25 from 9:00am-Noon...... click here....

Each month there will be opportunities for you to grow in Piety, Study and Action through a Rekindle program. If you would like to become involved in planning or leading a Rekindle event, please contact Julie Blair at or 309.360.8215 or Cary Lyons at or 309.265.4607. We are always looking for new ideas and new people!
If you are not receiving emails from Cursillo, please email the Cursillo Office at with your current email address so we can ensure that you are receiving our invitations to Rekindle programs. We don’t want to miss anyone!

Carpenter's Tool Box -
Helping You Live a Life in Grace

In each newsletter, we will begin to offer a suggestion for a “tool” to help you live your life in grace. The “tool” may be a book, a video, or perhaps a prayer suggestion. May you use these tools to further deepen your love of the Lord and better see His grace in your lives. De Colores!

True Devotion to Mary with Preparation for Total Consecration by St Louis De Montfort is a great way to spend the month of May. In his book, St Louis De Montfort shows us how to draw closer to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. His book sums up the entire Christian life, showing a way of holiness that is short, easy, secure and perfect. Why not spend some time this month, the Month of Mary, by getting to know Christ more fully through His Blessed Mother. True Devotion to Mary is available at Lagron Miller or on Amazon.


What is Spiritual Direction?
During Cursillo weekends, candidates discover or rediscover the love God has for them. A spark is often ignited on the Cursillo weekend, and new Cursillistas begin their lives in grace. To grow that spark, candidates are invited to consider post-weekend activities, including reunion groups, participating on teams, attending Cursillo events like Ultreyas and Day of Renewal. Candidates are also invited to consider spiritual direction.
What is spiritual direction? National Cursillo defines it as: “Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine”. Father James Martin defines spiritual direction as “the practice in which an experienced person helps another person notice where God is active in that person’s prayer and daily life.” Spiritual direction is for anyone who wants to walk closer with God.
Please contact the Cursillo office for a list of spiritual directors in the area and ask God to lead you to the right one for you.


Call for Palanca Notes

Our Peoria Cursillo is blessed to have served many in prison to bring these men and women to the love and mercy of God. Due to COVID, it has not been possible to support our fellow Cursillistas in person, and we do not know when we can serve them in person. There is something we can do NOW to show God's love and grace to these fellow Cursillistas. We invite our community to write palanca notes to our Cursillistas who are in prison. Please address the note to "Brother or Sister in Christ" and sign the note "Brother/Sister in Christ". Please reply to this email and we will get them to our Prison Ministry team or email to


Cursillo Service Spotlight

2021 Cursillo Anniversaries


35 yr #280 Rosie Pavek
40 yr #185 Jo Dutton
45 yr #89 Ruth Keyes (D)

A Prayer to Bring a Friend to Christ
Loving and gracious God,
I thank you for calling me into a closer relationship with you through Cursillo;
I thank you for my sponsor who heeded your call to invite me to a Cursillo weekend;
I ask, Lord, that if it is your desire, you put someone in my heart to invite to make a Cursillo,
and ask that you give me the words and faith to guide them.
Lord help me to bring a friend to your loving and merciful embrace.
I ask this in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Go Make Disciples! Bring a Friend to Christ!
Spiritual Message from
Sr. Subha Clare Ramesh

In the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and in the Catholic Church, May is the month of Mary. As a convert to Catholicism, I did not understand or appreciate the role of the Blessed Mother. I thought Catholics worshipped the Blessed Mother, and being a good Christian, I only worship God through Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Then, I began my catechism, and my gratitude for the Blessed Mother in my life.
In 2016, I was privileged to make a pilgrimage to Fatima, Zaragoza (where the Blessed Mother, by tradition, gave her blessings to St. James on his way to Compostela,) and Lourdes. I was intrigued by the devotion and the joy I witnessed among the pilgrims at these three sites, but it was not until I made a pilgrimage to Guadalupe that I understood who our Blessed Mother would be for my life. On the Basilica at Guadalupe is written “am I not also your mother” (in Spanish, of course.) Then, I understood I am the disciple at the foot of the Cross to whom Jesus say “Behold, your mother”. I am not to worship Mary, but rather, Mary, as my mother, nurtures me, consoles me, loves me, and provides an example for me, and in all these ways, leads me into a closer relationship with God through Jesus in the Holy Spirit.
St. Francis is reported to have said, “Preach the Gospels everywhere, and when necessary, use words.” Our Blessed Mother is a wonderful example of St. Francis’ exhortation. There are only four accounts of her speaking the Gospels: the Annunciation, the Magnificat, at the Temple when Jesus was twelve, and at the wedding at Cana. Her words at the wedding of Cana brilliantly illustrate her role in my life (and perhaps yours.) First, she tells Jesus that they ran out of wine (she intercedes for us,) and then she tells the stewards “Do whatever He tells you” (teaches us how to be better disciples.) This month, may we allow our Blessed Mother, Mary, to guide us to become better disciples, like her.