Peoria Cursillo Newsletter/ October 2021
Peoria Cursillo Community News & Updates

October 2021

Sign up for Cursillo programs can be done by calling the Cursillo Office at 309/676-5587 or online. Following is a list of upcoming events. Feel free to invite a friend to join you! Please see more information about upcoming events at the link to our website below:

Upcoming Events Piety, Study, Action

Monday Night Masses have returned to the main chapel at the Spalding Renewal Center! Mass begins each week at 7 p.m.

Join us for our in-person October Ultreya!
The Ultreya is this Saturday, Oct. 9 (beginning with Mass at 7 p.m.), at the Spalding Renewal Center Chapel. Our Presider is Msgr. Jerry Ward. No need to sign-up.... please plan to join us. Families are welcome!
Our speaker will be Lay Director Dave Templin. Dave will provide some information on some upcoming changes to the Cursillo weekend and team formation processes. Please attend to learn more and share your feedback. Following mass and the talk, we'll have opportunity for fellowship. Come see the newly remodeled dining room area!

Protocol reminder
Your safety is our primary concern. In accordance with the current level of community transmission in Peoria County, which is "High," we require 1) wearing a mask in public indoor settings even if you are vaccinated; and we recommend 2) after consultation with your doctor, to get vaccinated, if you have not done so already.

Missing group and want to pray? Here’s another way to connect
Did you know Cursillistas can have a tele-conference reunion group even if one of the members has a landline? You will need one or more members to use a smart phone - Android or Apple. Try it! Here's how:
  • Using a smart phone, add all your group reunion members to your contact list.
  • Call one member. Once they answer, ask them to hold and then tap: ADD CALL
  • Dial the next person. Once they answer, ask them to hold and then tap: MERGE CALL
  • Dial the next person. Once they answer, ask them to hold and then tap: MERGE CALL
  • Repeat until you have all of you on the phone.
  • Time for opening prayer and following the card.

The Chosen – Season 1
Join us to watch and discuss “The Chosen - Season 1.” The evening will open with prayer, watching a 45-minute episode, followed by discussion. This first session begins tonight, Oct. 5 and will run for consecutive Tuesdays through Nov. 23 from 5 p.m.-6:15 p.m. in the Spalding Renewal Center Conference Room. The discussions will be led by Karen Campbell and Sr. Subha Clare Ramesh. This small group is limited to 15 people, so please sign up as soon as you can. We only have two spots left!
To sign-up to attend:

Security Help needed
Please sign up to assist with security at the Spalding Renewal Center on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We would love to have those who have assisted with security before, and would welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to become involved in a new way!
Monday Nights – Before and During Mass
  • Dates: Every Monday in October and November from 5:30-8 p.m.
  • Sign-up at
  • In addition, if group reunions would like to return to the building on Monday nights, please call the office at (309) 676-5587 and we will reserve you a room.
Tuesday Nights – During The Chosen series
Thursday nights – During various bible studies that take place throughout the building

Help Wanted on the Peoria Cursillo Steering Committee
We have three openings to fill for the upcoming Cursillo Steering Committee term (which would run April 2022-March 2024). A recent change was made to the bylaws regarding whom can qualify for various Steering Committee positions. The positions we’re looking to fill, and the qualifications needed are:
  • Treasurer (minimum qualification for the Treasurer is to have been an Assistant)
  • Palanca (minimum qualification is to have served on at least one team)
  • Technology (minimum qualification is to have served on at least one team)
If you are interested in being considered, please email Dave Templin at or the Cursillo office at
Carpenter's Toolbox
The Hallow App
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morning, or at night with downloadable offline sessions and customized lengths
anywhere from 1-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30-, or 60-minute options!
Personalize your prayer experience. Choose your guide, length, background music like Gregorian chant, set your favorites, and create your own personal prayer plan.
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Cursillo Service Spotlight

2021 Cursillo Anniversaries

5 yr #1113 Paul Henderson
10 yr #993 Charlie Kamm
15 yr #839 Chuck Cooney (D)
20 yr #672 Joe Connolly (D)
25 yr #514 Chuck Fuller
30 yr #392 John Gorman
35 yr #292 John Williams (D)
40 yr #192 John Pusey
45 yr #98 Rita Stieber
50 yr #M29 John Blossom
55 yr #M12 Chuck Heer
5 yr #1116 Judy Coker
10 yr #997 Pam Perrilles
15 yr #842 Susi Begner
20 yr #677 Linda Hunter
25 yr #518 Nancy Neakrase
30 yr #395 Joyce Newlin (D)
35 yr #294 Sara Melton
40 yr #193 Donita Curry
45 yr #100 Charles Tuerk (D)
50 yr #W14 Jeanette Dodge

A Prayer to Bring a Friend to Christ
Loving and gracious God,
I thank you for calling me into a closer relationship with you through Cursillo;
I thank you for my sponsor who heeded your call to invite me to a Cursillo weekend;
I ask, Lord, that if it is your desire, you put someone in my heart to invite to make a Cursillo,
and ask that you give me the words and faith to guide them.
Lord help me to bring a friend to your loving and merciful embrace.
I ask this in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Spiritual Message
October - To Recognize and Celebrate

A Message from
Deacon Rick Miller
October has been recognized for many things, but possibly the most important is Respect Life Month, with the first Sunday of October being Respect Life Sunday. Respect life was initially directed at the frustrations and challenges of elective abortion with millions of unborn children dying worldwide. Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life has been a point of conflict for nearly 50 years. It is possibly more helpful to focus on when life begins. I have seen frequently, in Florida, billboards stating simply, “At 23 days your baby has a beating heart.” I often used the example for Confirmation classes of taking a 4-month-old infant from its crib without care or protection vs. taking a 4-month fetus from the womb. They are both removed from their protective environment without respect for life. Once we acknowledge there is a second life within the womb, it should be more challenging to end that life.
Respect life also must be extended to aging and terminal illness. Hospice, nursing homes and extended family care continue the opportunities to Respect Life at difficult times. A bigger challenge for each of us is to look for other opportunities to respect life and to respect all God’s children. Do we support and contribute to organizations that assist refugees and hunger around the world? Do we recognize the significance of St. Vincent DePaul Society and the efforts to address poverty in our community? Respecting life runs deeper and wider than preventing abortion.
We are in the midst of a pandemic of the COVID virus killing millions around the world. As a physician with a background in emergency care and pediatrics, I find wearing a mask and getting vaccinated as a clear statement of respecting my life and yours. We have eliminated smallpox and polio in our world, plus lowered the death rate from childhood diseases and pneumonia with vaccinations. It is sad to see Public Health reduced to political conflict. There is so much misinformation from different social media and other sources, that while distrust is understandable; the greater good must be considered.
We recognize that violence in our community, poverty and discrimination occur when we abandon our respect for the lives of others. It remains clear that the teaching of respect for all life begins at home.
Pope Francis invites our Christian perspective; he has prayerfully called vaccinations a grace from God; not a political football. Let us pray that respect life causes us to reexamine our love and respect for one another --- from conception through the journey of life. May we honor the teachings of Christ and Respect Life for all God’s children as we enter October.
Respect Life – Employing our Cursillo method of Piety, Study and Action
All of the many Respect Life issues in our world today are an opportunity to employ our Cursillo method:
  • Piety - Pray and practice devotions imploring God to comfort the victims of the many assaults on life at all stages. This includes those contemplating abortion. Pray as well to convert the hearts of the victimizers and leaders who make their actions legal.
  • Study - Get the facts about the issues from reliable primary sources. New media and social media are useful but not adequate to understand the complex problems that result in disrespecting life. Catholic/Christian publications should be part of the process in forming one's conscience.
  • Action - God put us on this earth to be his hands and feet. What can we do to help solve the problems? How can we alleviate suffering? Where can we charitably share the knowledge we gain through our study to help others struggling to form their conscience?

God Bless you all,
Deacon Rick