Dear Pep Talkers...

The house is quiet. Even the dog has given up barking, retreating to sleep in the bathroom on the cool tile. My 24-year-old son Colin moved out yesterday, with noise, bluster and a load of laundry left in the dryer. After two years of a pandemic boarding house vibe at our place, it’s my husband and me and the dog again. And quiet.  

I was more emotional than I thought, seeing him haul the furniture from his childhood bedroom out my front door. And the bar cart we got him for Christmas 2021. It took longer than we planned (hence the late Pep Talk.) But he’s settled into an apartment with a school friend not too far from us, but a world away. 

He could not be more excited to be launched (finally) after the thud that was Graduation 2020. How do I know? Because on our Target run yesterday to buy a new shower curtain, he must have said about twenty times, “I’m excited!” I honestly don’t think he’s been excited about anything since March 2020. I’m excited he’s excited. And a touch weepy. 

From my Facebook feed, lots of parents were dropping off kids at college this week. I hope everyone has a smooth and healthy transition. It’s okay to be weepy, but once you stop crying, don’t forget to enjoy the quiet.  

Lian Dolan
Pasadena, California
On the Show this week:
Season Premiere!
22 Years of Yakking

Season 22 kicks off today ! We celebrate ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS so far in 2022! Plus, let's hear it for summer vacation, recapturing the empty nest, walking our way to better health and movies you can take you Mom to. (And one you really shouldn't.)

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Book of the Week:
Ashton Hall by Lauren Belfer
Are we ready to move into some Fall books? With grown up storylines and a touch of Tudor England? Yes please. ASHTON HALL is a atmospheric novel about Hannah, an American mother who travels to a rural English manor with Nicky, her neurodivergent son, after her marriage is upended by a shocking betrayal. Shortly after arriving, Nicky stumbles upon a skeleton in a walled-off and forgotten section of the manor. Searching for clues in the archives of the centuries-old home, Hannah uncovers secrets about Ashton Hall’s women before her, soon realizing their secrets aren’t so different from her own. Love this cover.

Listen of the Week: I'm Glad My Mom Died
We raved about Jennette McCurdy's memoir on the podcast for its brutal honesty, shocking plot twists and sharp writing. McCurdy was a teen TV star who was known to millions but suffering behind the scenes from a narcissistic mother, an eating disorder and alcohol dependancy and toxic professional and personal relationships. This book is a stunner and though the hardback make be sold out, then audiobook is available and read by the author. A note, very descriptive passages about bulimia.

Recipe of the Week: Tomato Nectarine Burrito Salad
Tic toc... time is running out to make the most of summer produce and this salad, or some version of it, is on my menu several nights a week. Love the sweet nectarines and the home grown tomatoes working together with salt, vinegar and oil. You don't really need a recipe, but I added a link anyway. Play around with various flavored oils to mix it up.

Thanks to the Satellite Sisters who showed up in Manhattan Beach for a book event!
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