Malik Terrab
Senior, Malik Terrab, was recently featured in The River Food Pantry's Volunteer Spotlight and is also a member of the Tower Media Production team and a finalist for QuestBridge Scholars. Thank you, Malik, for your commitment to serving our Eastside community!
Student Athlete Study Tables
Adapting to the virtual learning world, East High School has virtual study tables for student athletes. "The main purpose of our study tables program is to provide academic support for student-athletes," Study Table Coordinator, Wilson Seely said. "We help student-athletes complete coursework, set academic and athletic goals, and introduce them to a variety of guest speakers to help them prepare for college and career. Athletes receive help from tutors and we provide weekly grade monitoring to improve accountability and communication between teachers, coaches, and teammates." Wilson, a 2020 Crystal Apple Award Nominee, is the Lussier LOFT Purgolder Enrichment Coordinator, an East High Football Coach, and teacher at Whitehorse Middle School. So far this year, student athletes have heard from guest speakers including East alum, Representative Melissa Sargent, Toren Young, a decorated Division 1 college athlete from the Eastside of Madison, and Colonel Gregory Gadson, a distinguished retired U.S. Army Colonel and Commander, who lost both of his legs while serving in Baghdad.

A parent with a student involved with the program recently said, "I can't express enough thanks! Virtual learning has been a ride for all of us! Not being able to play sports really impacts these kids! Offering help, offering these group interactions is amazing! Thank you team!!!!"

The group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:15pm as a group and also features breakout groups based on the student's grade and subject. Student athletes who would like to participate in the study tables can contact Wilson Seely. A variety of additional academic supports are available for all students as well.

Bilingual Resource Specialists
A very heartfelt shout out to all East Bilingual Resources Specialists. This amazing group of professionals are responsible for daily translation services in a school community that celebrates that we have over 50 languages represented within the Purgolder family. BRS staff ensure everyone stays connected, informed, and heard through written, recorded, and personal communications. Equally important, they create smaller communities that support and celebrate the diverse identities of everyone at East. Most recently, BRS staff focused their efforts supporting conferences to connect school staff and families in ways that support the growth of our young people. Thank you for the long hours, community building and love you put into your work every day!

East High School Bilingual Resource Specialists are pictured above:
Silvia Gomez, Ge Vang, Jarje Bah, David Khamphouy, Kalsang Kunor, Sidiki Bitie