Food For Thought Club
Three members of the Food For Thought Club are holding their own weekly Pop Up Free Food Pantries in the community: Malik Terrab, Clio Maya-Johnson and Rose Cooper. They are providing any community member with free food, including dry goods like rice and pasta, canned goods and fresh fruit and produce. Clio's Pop Up Pantry was recently featured on East's Tower TV. To become involved in the Food For Thought Club, contact Helena White.

United Asian Club
Staff gathered virtually to listen to some of our students from United Asian Club speak about living in Madison during COVID. East is committed to lifting student voice and ensuring inclusive and safe spaces for everyone. Thank you students for your bravery and sharing your experiences so candidly to contribute to our staff's ability to better understand and support our students.
Achievement Connections

Achievement Connections provides personalized one-on-one tutoring and support in Algebra 1 and Geometry. "We mobilize the community members and staff, focusing on creating the positive relationships that allow us to support students by pairing them with a tutor for at least an entire semester, if not an entire year," Jack Jackson, Tutor Coordinator shared. Virtual tutoring opportunities will be shared through Algebra 1and Geometry classes and in the Achievement Connections Google Classroom. Workshops are also held regularly via zoom and are open to all students in any grade. Follow @achievementconnections on social media for study tips and the latest information about upcoming workshops or contact Tutor Coordinator, Jack Jackson.