"Humanity hasn't really ever experienced wholeness as a systemic experience. You, as a human being, do not live in a system that connects you to the rest of the cosmos including your own earth.  You have to dig in. Or not. I know you have not understood that your learning is not whole system learning but it isn't. We are offering learning that nourishes your consciousness and accesses the nature of you that knows itself as a whole system.  Things are at such a crisis point that we need a strong consciousness to restore our cells, give us back our minds, and keep us in our dreams while worldly dreams are being shredded." Tantra Maat

Week Five of Our 90 Day Creation Project
Perceiving Differently
by Elektra Porzel
Director of the In Unity with Creation Institute &
 Facilitator of the Language of Creation webinar

My friend Kea was talking to myself and the other Institute Advocates last night about  how many of our perceptions of the world are probably  not true.  They are simply the system of the reality that we are in.  My mind started clicking and I again heard in my heart and my head that she was correct.  So I will share with you what my friend told me.  I hope that it inspires you as well.

What if we are not at fault?  At fault for the world as it is, for the violence, for the greed, etc.   Think about it.  If we were really making up the world, what makes us think we would make it up like this? Do our hearts and the hearts of others we know crave violence, separation and destruction?  If we were in our right mind, do we honestly believe we would do this?

The human being is one of the most amazing creations on this planet, with billions of cells in our bodies, miles of nerves and veins and with the capacity to invent, to explore space and the best that we can do is fight?

Or is it more likely that something happened to our species?  That this system that we live inside of got broken long before we came into it?

Why does that matter?  Because if it is the system that is broken and not us, we can take it on, without taking on ourselves.  We can stop believing in and feeding the broken system and feed our wholeness instead!

The story of the baby elephant is relevant here.  How do you tame a baby elephant?  First you tie him with a thick strong rope.  No matter how much he struggles, he can't move away from that spot.  Eventually you replace that heavy rope with a lighter rope and after several reiterations the baby elephant is held in place by a thread. 

Are humans like the baby elephant?  Have we been trained to accept our present reality as all that we can have?  Have we been trained to accept the responsibility for the creation and maintenance of this reality, when our every craving is for a much different reality?

This is a wonderful time for you to start using the remaining 55 days of our 90 Day Creation Project to design the reality that you would want to live in, that you would want your children and grand-children to inhabit.  Have fun with it!  Track your Observings and see what new awareness of perceptions that you hold arise.  Share with us on our Generating Realities page!  I would love to see all of us share those perceptions that we believed were true and now we have an inner sense that maybe they are not true!  Oh, how our world could change with just a shift in perception!

Going Deeper into the Language of Creation!

Mark your calendar for the next weekend webinar of The Language of Creation.  Oct 7 & 8, 2017.  Two three-hour sessions daily!  Intense and deeply impactful!!

This about your evolution.  As a participant in the 90 Day Creation Project, you are designing your future life.  As you have already experienced, there are deeper and deeper levels of 'that which you crave'.  I am inviting you to go deeper into the Language of Creation with our LOC Advocates and Facilitators!

The Language of Creation itself not just the Creation Exercises.  While the course is developed around going deeper in the Craving, Craving Being, Observing and Observing Being templates, they are not the totality of the field of the Language of Creation.  In order to enrich your  field with all the inter-relatedness of nature, language, the human body, we have created an Advanced Language of Creation Level 1 in webinar form that we offering for you in October.  This class is transformative. 
Cost:  $610.  Special price for 90 Day Participants $477*; use discount code 90d717

Join Elektra, Liz, Melissa and Sally, your Advocates and Facilitators of the Language of Creation for this stimulating and awarness-opening experience.  Register here for the October 7&8 LOC webinar!  

Join Tantra as she Interviews Crotalo Sesamo of Damanhur

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 
Time: 5-6 pm PST / 1:00 AM (1st June) GMT
Call length: 1 hour
Cost: $22

In Tantra's  June Tantra Talk , Marshall Leffert and Tantra spoke to cosmic consciousness, which is our unity-based capacity to comprehend wholeness and what has us be whole. This month Crotalo S├ęsamo from Damanhur will join Tantra in a discussion of how more than one timeline is occurring during these times, so you have some ability to identify which timelines you belong to and/or which timeline you wish to be part of.  Register here for Tantra Talks!  

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