Give the Gift of Fitness and Fun for Christmas!
Special Pricing; Event Already 70% Sold

Give the gift of fitness and fun to your family members, friends, loved ones or yourself for the holiday season. Take advantage of special early low pricing for a few more weeks before prices go up for the incredible Banff Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K in beautiful Banff National Park on June 21st! Participants can purchase a gift registration for any distance (10k, Half Marathon and Marathon) at the Early-Bird Prices during their own registration and gift it to anyone they wish by sending it to them on that special day. Not running? No problem - you can still purchase a gift registration at the low prices for anyone you choose! 

-Choice of Marathon, Half Marathon or 10k
-Incredible Run Courses
-Free Admission to the Health and Fitness Expo
-Free BMO Kids Run
-Touring Tin Car Show
-The Greenest Marathon on the Planet!
-So much to do in Banff National Park with friends and family


Interested in participating in the Banff Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K? Need some more convincing? Check out the Banff Marathon promotion video to get a sample of the beauty that the event offers in Banff National Park.


Station #2 - Vermilion Lakes

The Banff Marathon wants you to experience Banff National Park’s geographical, wilderness and historical treasures along your trek. Each Aid Station also serves as an interpretive station! The second station is Vermilion Lakes which serves as a serene and beautiful backdrop to a significant section of the run route. The Vermilion Lakes are a large wetland area of sedge and willow flats, rich woodlands and shallow water bodies connected by many small channels. Click below to learn more about the serene Vermilion Lakes on the Interactive Route Map: