Oh my! This was me in 1993! Watch this short clip and feel my pain. I was so very unhappy and unhealthy. It didn't seem fair! I was eating an apple not a cookie! But, it was this very year that I decided I needed to take control of my weight, my life and my health and opt for a surgical intervention! And I am so grateful 24 years later that I did!

I try to go back to my beginning regularly. It helps me stay focused, grateful and motivated to stick with the Success Habits and Back on Track Principles I have incorporated into my life.
Colleen - WLS 1995

Take a few minutes to watch these insightful interviews with some extraordinary women, who are today, are long-term losers, willing to share the how's and the whys of their decision to have weight loss surgery. Learn from them and be inspired as they tell of their hopes, their fears and what has contributed to their lasting success. Enjoy!
Back to the Beginning With...
Anisa - WLS 2002
Denise - WLS 2004
Wendy - WLS 2008
Sandi - WLS 2004
Brenetta - WLS 2001
Lisa Marie - WLS 2017
Robyn - WLS 2016
Shenese - WLS 2012
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