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February 2019
February has many people looking for an escape from the cold monotony of winter, when dreams of travel and adventure often run rampant.

We know how it is, so we've compiled some options for your perfect escape. Prepare to step off-the-beaten-path and explore remote landscapes, unique accommodations, and diverse cultural experiences where you can relax, unplug, and commune with nature.
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Located at the southern tip of Chile is Patagonia, a vast wilderness of stunning scenery and solitude, and home to EcoCamp, a nature-focused, 100% sustainable accommodation in the heart of Torres Del Paine National Park. This is an ideal location for anyone looking to escape civilization, relax, and explore nature.

Everything is included with your stay - meals, excursions, and guiding - so you can truly let go and immerse yourself in the extraordinary beauty of your surroundings. Choose from a variety of activities such as hiking all, or part of, the W trek around the mountain towers, cruising on a mountain bike to Laguna Azul, or taking a photo-safari in search of the elusive puma.

Although technically a camp, you won't be roughing it. Accommodations are in comfortable domes under millions of stars. Take a look at our Patagonia Safari itinerary or contact our South America Specialists to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Photos: EcoCamp Patagonia
Photos: (1) Mads Phil/Visit Greenland; (2) Nicole Anderson/Borton Overseas
Many would consider the Nordic countries to be well-traveled and easily accessible, but you'll also find many remote locations not overwhelmed with visitors. Greenland, Svalbard, and the Lapland of Norway, Sweden, and Finland are part of a frontier just waiting to be explored - The Arctic.

The Arctic Circle starts at 66 degrees north, and this invisible “line” of latitude cuts through the northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Greenland. Journeys above the Arctic Circle often include active experiences, nature and culture activities such as Northern Lights hunts, dog sledding, glacier hikes, forest treks, and accommodations made of ice and snow. It is also possible to learn about the indigenous Sàmi people, their history and culture including reindeer herding, arts & crafts, and music.

Learn more about Arctic travel in our blog: Where to Travel Above the Arctic Circle . Or contact our Scandinavian Specialists to discuss your options.
Along the northwest border of Namibia, you can gaze across into the starkness of Angola and imagine yourself on the set of Star Wars! Before you lies vast expanses of isolated wilderness, and one of the driest deserts in the world. Look closer and you’ll find one of the most remote camps in southern Africa, Serra Cafema, nestled into the lush, tree-lined banks of the Kunene River.

Lucky guests can truly unplug and unwind to the heartbeat of this pure wilderness experience. At night the sky offers a purity unlike anywhere else, perfect for stargazing. Then trade the stars for sunshine and an exciting array of daytime activities ranging from sensitive interaction with the semi-nomadic Himba people, exploratory walks, boating on the Kunene River, game drives to search for desert-adapted elephants, and quad-bike excursions.

A stay at Serra Cafema complements any of our Southern Africa packages , especially the fully-customizable Wings Over Namibia journey. Contact our Africa Specialists to design your own trip!
Photos: (1) Dana Allen/Serra Cafema; (2) Teagan Cunniffe/Serra Cafema
Photos: (1) Linda McCormick/Borton Overseas; (2) Alyssa Thompson/Borton Overseas
You can't get much more remote than Antarctica. If you are looking to escape the trappings of our modern world, then this is the PERFECT place.
  • Permanent Population - 0 (unless you count the penguins)
  • Gift shops - None
  • Cell phone service - No (your ship may offer WiFi options)
  • Post offices - Actually, yes (many of the research facilities have a post office)

There are two ways to experience the majesty of this land untouched by humans and ruled by penguins. Cruising the Antarctic Peninsula is our recommendation and can be done a number of ways ranging from private sailboat charters, no-frill, expedition-style research voyages, and even luxury cruise options. There is also the possibility to fly to King George Island if you want to avoid sailing the Drake Passage.

Contact our Antarctica Specialists and they will work with you to find the perfect experience!
This hidden gem is located on a hill overlooking the picturesque Lak Lake in the culturally-rich Central Highlands of Vietnam. Featuring a number of tented lodges and wooden bungalows, this camp is a peaceful location to unwind and unplug. Boat, cycle, trek… there are endless activities that allow you to discover this off-the-trodden part of Vietnam.

We highly recommend doing some soft trekking while staying at Lak Tented Camp. Explore Chu Yang Sin National Park, an area known for its stunning and extensive evergreen forests. Or, f rom the bottom of the mountain, a short trek of just two kilometers leads you to Bim Bip, an impressive waterfall hidden in the jungle canopy and surrounded by colorful flora and fauna.

Your stay will be tailored to your interests and can be added to any of our Southeast Asia packages . Contact one of our Asia Specialists today to discuss your options!
Photos: Lak Tented Camp
Our way of raising awareness and endorsing organizations that are making a difference in our destinations and our local community .
Global Minnesota is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to advance international understanding and engagement. They offer a variety of programs to both Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota communities where people can engage and discuss subjects such as foreign policy, cultural topics, and international issues. They provide a platform where Minnesotans can connect and participate in the international sphere as well as extend their influence around the globe.
Last fall we partnered with Global Minnesota to offer their members a journey to China. The goal of the trip was to inspire a deeper cultural, historical, and political understanding of China and its people. The trip was a huge success, and we are currently working with them to create a trip for their members to Vietnam.
Africa Specialist
What is your background?
Traveling has been a love of mine since before I can remember; there are pictures of 6-year-old Laura chasing pigeons in front of the Eiffel tower, and climbing up Chichen Itza (back when you could still climb it). After I graduated with a degree in Communications, I began to look for a job where I could use my knowledge and skills in conjunction with something I love very much – travel. And here I am.

What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?  
That’s a hard question, because it depends on where I travel to! In Africa my favorite thing is going on chilly, early-morning open 4x4 game drives; in Thailand I love visiting the many stunning temples; and in Colorado I enjoy skiing and hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

What is your favorite vacation destination and why?
  Botswana! I was fortunate enough to spend three nights camping in the Okavango Delta, with no fences, just a canvas tent between me and the African wilderness. Each night I fell asleep to the sounds of snorting hippos, yipping hyenas, trumpeting elephants, and roaring lions. It was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to go back.
What travel tips do you have for our readers? 
Hakuna Matata! For those who don’t know – it means no worries. Whatever the speed bump, elephant road block, or rogue wave/waterfall/storm, just roll with it, and don’t worry! It will all work out in time. Even though you can’t pack very much when you’re going to Africa, make sure you pack your patience and good humor! It has served me very well.
Any interesting hobbies/facts about yourself you want to share?
I can’t end my staff spotlight without talking about my favorite thing on the whole planet – my cat! Her name is Baelfire and she looks like a small panther. I also coach 14- and 15-year-olds in Junior Olympic Volleyball.

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