Surf Stadium J apan  Begins Construction of a
PerfectSwell® World Class Surfing Facility in Shizunami

SSJ will create an arena like atmosphere bringing spectators closer to the action than ever before.
Photo Credit: Fred Pompermayer Surfer: Ian Gentil
PerfectSwell® Surf Stadium Japan to open in June 2020  

Solana Beach, CA - December 23, 2019   American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) announces a project with Surf Stadium Japan (SSJ) in Shizunami.  The project is underway with surfing anticipated in June 2020. The project location is not far from Makinohara in Shizuoka Prefecture which was chosen to host training facilities for the U.S. and other surfing teams.
SSJ will feature PerfectSwell® technology, the world's premiere performance wave pool. SSJ chose PerfectSwell® to facilitate competitive training as well as foster a rapidly expanding and enthusiastic surf community.  PerfectSwell® SSJ will include the full repertoire of wave types from pro favorites like the "Air Section" to the beginner friendly "Malibu".  

"This project is the realization of a vision 4 years in the making. Our goal has always been to contribute to the deep and vibrant surf culture in Makinohara."
said Tooshihiko Adachi, CEO of SSJ. "Surf Stadium Japan will expand the surfing community by offering recreational surf and at the same time contribute to athlete development."
"In the near future wave pools will be a key part of optimal training by providing repeat, made-to-order waves."  said Kimifumi Imoto, Director of the Nippon Surfing Association. "PerfectSwell® Surf Stadium Japan will offer international Surf Teams the opportunity to train in an environment that closely mimics ocean conditions with natural sets at similar wave and set frequencies found in the ocean."
 "We are well aware of the level of effort to have surfing approved for the 2020 Olympics. Hats off to the International Surfing Association for this extraordinary accomplishment." said Bruce McFarland, CEO of American Wave Machines,  "Surfing will be on the world stage in Japan. AWM is extremely honored to work with the visionaries at Surf Stadium Japan and participate in the growth of the local and global surf community."
 The Project was publicly announced in Shizunami on Dec. 20.  
About Surf Stadium Japan
Surf Stadium Japan is a Corporation founded on principals of community and giving back. Surf Stadium Japan will further the strong surfing spirit that is already thriving in Shizunami.    
About American Wave Machines
American Wave Machines is the world's leading wave pool, surf park, and wave technology company producing authentic surf experiences. OffShore Surf® 5-20K square foot venues deliver surfing in compact spaces while PerfectSwell® paddle in surf pools provide both Location Based Entertainment and Competitive Surfing. Since 2007 over 3,000,000 surf sessions have been enjoyed at American Wave Machines locations around the globe. For additional information, visit: 
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