When it comes to rebuilding your aircooled Porsche's engine, there are many considerations. Concours, stock, or performance? 

For purists, choices for OE piston and cylinder sets are becoming fewer and fewer. Reconditioning the original pistons and cylinders is usually an option as long as the original pistons are still in spec for wear and the cylinders aren't damaged or previously overheated.
LN Engineering offers the largest bore sizes of any manufacturer as well as sizes that have not been available for decades from Porsche or Mahle.

 Nickies come in stock and oversize (big bore), both in slip-fit or machine-in. Slip-fit refers to where the cylinder fits the crankcase, meaning that the case does not have to be machined to fit the oversized cylinders. Machine-in typically refers to where the case has to be machined to fit he oversized cylinder skirts, but in the case of the 356, the 90mm and larger Nickies also require the cylinder heads to be machined to accept the larger cylinder.
Billet construction along with increased ductility and tensile strength allows us to offer big bore kits that do not sacrifice longevity or cooling for the 356 up to 91.5mm, 914 to 105.5mm, and 911 to 106mm.
When it comes to pistons, the choices are almost infinite.

 LN stocks JE Pistons in multiple bore sizes and compression ratios, but custom pistons from CP-Carrillo or Mahle Motorsports are also available. Long gone are the days of smoking, oil consumption, or piston slap. Regardless of piston choice, all pistons paired with our Nickies cylinders have matched expansion rates 
and come with appropriate rings for use with our NSC plated bores, which run clearances similar to OE pistons and alloy cylinders.

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