February 15, 2022
Performance Halter Qualifications Explained
Performance Halter does not require qualifications from a specific section like other classes at Regionals or Nationals. The “qualifications” required are from the show/ride the horse is currently competing at and is determined as follows:
  • All horses three years of age and older must have been entered and shown in a performance class (Under Saddle and/or Driving) at the same show as the one in which the performance halter class is being held.

  • If a horse is disqualified, excused, or voluntarily withdrawn from a performance class, that class may not be used to qualify for Performance Halter.

  • Have completed an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail Ride recognized by AHA or sanctioned by an AHA recognized Competitive Trail riding organization in the past 90 days, exhibitors must present dated proof of completion to the show secretary.

  • If Performance Halter classes are held in conjunction with an AHA or AERC sanctioned Endurance ride or a Competitive Trail riding organization, all registered Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses entered in the ride are eligible to compete.
Performance Halter Classes can be run as Open, Amateur and Junior Exhibitor. Classes will not be split by horse’s age with the exception of “Prospect” class for horses two and under at the discretion of show management. Classes must be separated by Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian. In addition, they must be separated by:

  • Stallion
  • Mare
  • Gelding
The above rules are for AHA local qualifying, Regional Championships, East Coast, Pacific Slope, Eastern and Western Canadian Breeders, and National Championships.
For the full rules on exhibiting in this class, please refer to AR123 of the USEF Arabian Rules, click here
For further questions regarding qualifications, please contact a Competition Services Representative at (303) 696-4500 #4.
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