To: All Staff
April 22, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

UC President Janet Napolitano has communicated that, in light of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, current deadlines for completing written performance evaluations are suspended until Fall 2020.  This guidance applies only to unrepresented staff. It is expected that represented staff will continue their performance review process per the original campus guidelines, consistent with expectations of collective bargaining agreements.

Performance management is a year-round responsibility. Supervisors are always encouraged to meet regularly with employees to review goals, achievements and progress. Because performance appraisals are a critical tool for feedback and professional development, we encourage supervisors to continue helping employees establish and prioritize goals for the upcoming year, especially during this time of uncertainty that is causing many employees to worry about their future work.

We also encourage you to use this time, if you’re able, to hone your skills in delivery of remote performance management. Useful tools for this can be found here .

We recognize that now more than ever, it is important for managers and supervisors to check in regularly with their employees, to talk not only about professional responsibilities, goals and development opportunities, but also about well-being and providing support and resources .
Many employees and their supervisors have begun or completed their summaries of accomplishment and appraisals. We applaud your commitment to this process.

President Napolitano also indicated that decisions concerning the merit pay program for policy-covered staff also is postponed until later this year when more information about the UC system’s financial situation is available. 

When more guidance from the Office of the President is provided, we will share it. I appreciate the continued commitment of our managers, supervisors and staff to develop skills, assets and abilities that help our campus meet its mission. You are our most essential asset.

Stay safe and well.

Nicole Pollack
Chief Human Resources Officer