"My body, my country" 
Dance Theater Performance 
and participatory visual art creative workshop

Lead by Argentinean choreographer Anabella Lenzu 

Saturday, March 2nd
  from 5-7pm 

How does our body become our homeland? 
What does it mean to be a female human? 
How do our bodies become a receptacle and messenger of the multiple realities we are immersed in?

During the 2 hour event, Anabella Lenzu performs excerpts of her dance-theater piece of "No more beautiful dances", followed by a 10 minute Q & A. The performance challenges the viewer to think about how they view bodies.

The performance will be followed by a Body Mapping Workshop, where the participants use texts and drawings to share their own story of their bodies. Body Mapping is an inter-generational dialogue tool helping people of different generations to talk to each other. The experience builds trust and deepens people's understanding of how their lives are all connected with each other. The aim of this event is to explore issues of identity and agency, as experienced by a contemporary artist who is also a woman, mother and immigrant in the United States. Through the shared creative process, we will explore identity and social relationships.

This performance and workshop is open to audiences of all genders and ages interested in exploring the female perspective through movement and visual expression, and to experience a journey of self-discovering the body and accepting yourself anew. No previous experience is required. Comfortable clothes that allow movement are recommended.


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