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 Enterprise License Trainer News!


CONGRATULATIONS to our newest ELT's!


We are excited to have you join the team of trainers delivering our world class content, which is truly second to none! The passion and energy that you brought to this training was remarkable and inspiring.


Special thanks to Sara Ross for a flawless delivery and to Ann Gibson for all her hard work and success organizing this certification.


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Upcoming Programs:

Winnipeg: Feb. 24-25, 2015

Toronto: March 11, 2015

Toronto: March 24-25, 2015

Toronto: June 16-17, 2015

EI Certification
Toronto: June 18-19, 2015

Toronto: Sept. 22-23, 2015

Toronto: Nov. 24-25, 2015

Toronto: Nov. 26-27, 2015


We are excited to share an excerpt from our Performing Under Pressure book, co-authored by Hank Weisinger and our own J.P. Pawliw-Fry.


"When you are on the witness stand in a courtroom, everything you say is recorded, interpreted, challenged, and judged against the letter of the law. A distorted fact, a failure to remember, the truth told unconvincingly, a stutter or two can all influence a verdict that brings irrevocable, life-changing effects to you and to others.

It is not surprising that such high drama is center stage in Pulitzer Prize - inning novels, Academy Award - inning films, and television Emmy winners, as seen through such unforgettable characters as Captain Queeg, Atticus Finch, Daniel Webster, Perry Mason.

Bob Andreatta, however, is not a fictional character but a flesh-and-blood human being. In his late forties with thick, wavy black hair and dark-framed glasses, Andreatta, a partner at KPMG, was being subpoenaed by the Securities Exchange Commission to give testimony on charges of backdating stock options at Apple and Pixar.


When we first met him in San Francisco in 2013, the experience had been permanently etched in his mind. He didn't need a Hollywood writer to dramatize his telling of what he'd gone through five minutes before he took the stand: "My head was exploding, the pressure was so extreme. If I was indicted or found culpable in any way, my reputation would be ruined, my credentials taken away, my ability to work in a public company gone. I felt like I might end up living in a van down by the river. I was afraid to say the wrong thing. I felt this was it, I was on the line."

Bob Andreatta had faced a particularly harrowing high-pressure moment - the outcome was important to him, the outcome was uncertain, and he would be accountable and judged on the results. If there had ever been a time that Mr. Andreatta's performance mattered, in his mind, that was it.


We all experience moments of extreme pressure in our lives, times in which we feel like Mr. Andreatta - when we have to deliver the goods or suffer dire consequences. For most of us, these moments create a sense of dread.


Over the last twenty years, the two of us, one as a psychologist, one as a high performance coach, and both as researchers and consultants, have collected a great deal of information about how people experience pressure."


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