Sonoma County Maternal Child and Adolescent Health

Families, Fertility, and Paths to Parenthood for LGBTQ+ persons. Fertility IQ has courses to help you and your clients understand the options, and how to optimize the process along the way.

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"family, Basic social unit consisting of persons united by ties of marriage (affinity), "blood" (consanguinity), or adoption and usually representing a single household. The essence of the family is the parent-child relationship, whose outlines vary widely among cultures."

-Britannica definition.

Visit Every Woman California for the Queer and Trans Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

The Queer Doula Toolkit: Education and Resources

  • Terminology
  • Queer Birth Terms
  • Queer Families and Parenting
  • Chest Health and Chestfeeding
  • Advocating, Coping, Supporting
  • Anxiety and Triggers
  • Comfort and Analgesia
  • Birth Plan and Pack List
  • Newborn Care Plan
  • Queer Affirming Pregnancy Loss support

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Maternal Mental Health NOW

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The Emotional Wellness Self-Help Tool:

My Care Plan

Designed to help those who want to become pregnant, are pregnant, or just welcomed a baby, understand and manage perinatal

depression and anxiety.

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