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Perk up your Eyes with Diego Dalla Palma
from Italy Eye Makeup!
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The Eye Brow Filler is an innovative Mascara for the Eye Brows that colors and fills. It has a practical and sharp mascara brush that dries quickly and is smear-free! Your Eye Brows will look so much better!
Available in 3 Colors; Light, Medium and Dark to perfectly match your Eye Brows. $29.00.
CLICK to order: Colored Eye Brow Filler
There is also a CLEAR color to set your Eye Brow Pencil or Eye Brow Powder in place all day and night long! $29.00. CLICK to order: Clear Eye Brow Fixer
For more color, apply the Eye Brow Powder first to fill
in your Eye Brows with simple gestures for a natural
effect and matte finish.
The innovative latest generation latex applicator makes it easy, thanks to its soft and firm texture, without smudges and halos. Apply the Powder prior to the Filler for long-lasting staying power.
Available in 2 colors.
Featured Left - Blonde Eye Brow Powder
Featured Right - Medium Eye Brow Powder
Diego Dalla Palma Eye Shadows 25% OFF! They
WERE $30.00 and NOW $22.00!
#5, #8, #17, #18, #21, #52, #55, #59.
Long-lasting and full of pigment, these Eye Shadows have a silky-soft texture and are smooth and even when applied. Incredibly easy to blend.
#59 Frosty White
(left). NOW $22.00.
Apply to your entire eyelid.
Click to order:
#05 Silver Metallic
(right) NOW $22.00.
Apply to the OUTER corners of the eye lid layered OVER the #59.
Click to order: #05 Eye Shadow
This is THE LOOK!
These beautiful Eye Shadows WERE $30.00 and NOW 25% OFF = $22.00
The #21 Eye Shadow (left) and #55 Eye Shadow
(right) look GREAT with the #59 Frosty White and the #08 Ivory. Click to see Ivory
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