Winter 2022
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In this edition you will:

  • learn what it means to have a personal contractor
  • get detail about a deck rebuild
  • learn about lead safety in the home
  • get a recent customer testimonial and more
A short while ago, my primary care doctor, Tom, retired and closed his family practice that he took over from his dad many years ago. I never realized how good I had it with him as my doctor until I began looking for a new doctor at these large medical centers. My wife referred me to Tom, and I saw him for about 18 years. Along with Tom knowing my health history and a strong understanding of what works for me, he knew my professional and personal life and how that contributed to my health. As our relationship grew, Tom began feeling more like a family member than my doctor, and I knew I could trust him to have my best interest at heart. Now, I have to start over, and I feel like I have to manage my health care and tell them what I need.

In 2020, one of our clients came to us for routine maintenance on her home. While there, we assessed her aging wood deck and found some rot issues. Shirey Home Pro put together an estimate for a new, composite deck instead of wood for a virtually maintenance-free deck that will never rot.

If you are concerned about possible lead exposure in your home, you can take the initiative by bringing in the experts at Shirey Home Pro.

Here's what you need to know about lead:
Lead is a metal that is naturally occurring on Earth. It is toxic. You can absorb, swallow, and breathe in the lead. Each way affects you but breathing it in affects you the most.

Doug S. states:

Thank you to Randy and the entire Shirey team for your outstanding work on our two bathrooms plus master bedroom remodel. We liked your collaborative, reliable and flexible approach, and that the outcome matched what we wanted. Also, we came in very close to the original budgets on each of the two projects, with only a few, well-justified change orders. The online co-construct app was good for tracking the projects. Well done! All around great job! We have referred our friends to Shirey.

Doug S., Issaquah, September 18, 2021

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