June 6, 2021 ~
Building Community One Positive Story at a Time
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New Plantings on the Iron Works Trail
The Ousamequin Club adopted a little corner at the Iron Works Trail off High Street in Bridgewater in celebration of Arbor Day.

Pictured here are president Leslie Dorr and treasurer Sharon Graves after planting an Azalea and a Rhododendron as the start of their project. They will continue with a variety of Hosta and bulbs that will bloom in the spring.

The Ousamequin Club is a 123 year old woman's club that meets at the Cole Yeaton Senior Center monthly from September to May.
Story and photo credits: Sharon Graves www.facebook.com/OusamequinClub
Historical Tidbit:

June 6th, D-Day
June 6 was the day the Allied powers crossed the English Channel and landed on five beach-heads along Normandy, France. 

Operation Overlord began the night of June 5th. By dawn on June 6, 18,000 parachutists were already on the ground. The land invasions began at 6:30 am. The British and Canadians overcame light opposition to capture Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches; so did the Americans at Utah beach.

The task was much tougher at Omaha beach, however, where 2,000 troops were lost. It was only through the tenacity and ingenuity of troops on the ground that the objective was achieved. By day's end, 155,000 Allied American, British, and Canadians had successfully stormed Normandy's beaches.

Within three months, the northern part of France would be freed and the invasion force was pushing ever forward, ultimately into Germany and the end of the Nazi scourge of Europe.

Source: www.history.com
Academy Building Municipal Offices
 66 Central Square 
Services available through phone, email & website only
Bridgewater Public Library
15 South Street
Cole-Yeaton Senior Center
10 Wally Krueger Way
Food Pantry
Central Square Congregational Church
71 Central Square
Thursdays - 10a - 1p
1st Monday of each month from 6 - 7:30 p
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Pride Flag Raising
Monday, June 7th
Bridgewater Academy Building
Reading of resolution R-FY21-007: A Resolution in Recognition of Gay PRIDE Month bccrcivilrights.org
Mitchell Elementary School
Building Committee
June 7, 2021 | Virtual Meeting
Disclosure: Pursuant to Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, §18, and the Governor’s March 15, 2020 Order imposing strict limitation on the number of people that may gather in one place, this meeting of the GMES School Building Committee will be conducted via remote participation to the greatest extent possible. There will be no in person attendance permitted.

Please visit the Meetings & Events page for information on how to join the meeting online.

Music Alley is Back!
Starting Thursday, June 10th, we will be offering FREE, high-quality live music between 5:30 & 8:00p in our beautiful outdoor venue in Central Square. "Doors" open at 5p and we are lining up food trucks and some other surprises that we will be announcing soon. Facebook Page
Celebrating Juneteenth
Friday, June 11th
7 - 8p
Central Square

Cornell Coley Performance

Looking For Citizen of the Year Nominations
The Rotary Club of The Bridgewaters will celebrate neighbors in our communities who have contributed as volunteers to help others in the towns of Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater. All residents are eligible both to nominate and to be nominated for recognition at the 21st Annual Citizen of the Year program. Nomination forms may be found here or may be requested from the current President Mike Kryzanek at 617-922-0453 or at mkryzanek@bridgew.edu. The deadline for submitting nominations is August 15, 2021. A committee from the Rotary Club expect to announce one recipient each from Bridgewater, East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater on August 22, 2021. The date and location of the event will also be confirmed at that time. The Rotary Club of The Bridgewaters is part of Rotary International, one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. Dedicated to “Service Above Self,” Rotarians worldwide span all races and religions to assist those in need. Locally, we meet on Wednesdays at 7:30a via Zoom. For details, contact Mike Kryzanek @ 617-922-0453.
Annual spring flowers and vegetable flats have arrived,
but are selling quick.
Don't miss out!

1000 Plymouth St (Rt 104) • Bridgewater • (508) 697-0357
A Day of Recognition, Restoration, and Celebration
Sat, June 19th (rain date 6/20)
3 - 6p
Stanley Ironworks Parkland
93 High St.

Sponsored by The First Parish, UU-Bridgewater & Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights
A Note of Thanks!
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who threw some extra cash into the Bridgewater 4th of July donation bucket at the snack shack the past few days. We will be handing to the committee over $230 on your behalf.
As you may know, the July 4th parade is put on 100% through donations and volunteer activity. Not 90%, not 99%. 100%. That committee works very hard right up until zero hour to put on the best show they can for the residents. So many people think that the town runs and pays for it. Nope!
In a partnership with the 4th Committee, BLL will be running the snack shack during the 4th festivities to continue to generate funds for our league but also to supplement the experience as I have a feeling a lot of people will be ready to celebrate.
Thank you again to our BLL family. Every little bit helps the town.
- Andy
63 Main Street, Bridgewater (508) 697-0050
Working hard to make patients comfortable & healthy!

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Take care of yourself – See your chiropractor today!
Pride Concert
June 22nd
Senior Center Outdoor Tent
10 Wally Krueger Way
Join us for a free outdoor concert & giveaways! All ages welcome!
Singer Lisa Yves will be performing.
Please RSVP seniorcenter@bridgewaterma.org or call 508-697-0929
B-R School District: Kindergarten - Gr 8
Once again, we will be having our Summer B.A.S.E. Program for grades K-8.  There will be 3 two week sessions. You can sign up for one session or all three sessions.  The cost for each two week session will be  $320.00. The cost for one week session is $160.00. For one day the cost is $32.00.  The program will be held at the Williams Intermediate Middle School. All kids must be toilet trained and wear masks. The hours will be from 7a - 6p
We will be doing arts and crafts, sports training and other fun things. We look forward to making it an enjoyable summer for all. If you are interested, you may sign up now. Please remember, we have limited space in the summer.
Art with Rose
Join Rose to learn how to paint poppy flowers using a straw.
Cooking with Chef Rob
Join Chef Rob as he shows us healthy and simple spring salads! Click link below for recipie and video.

Visit the Bridgewater Public Library website to see some springtime favorites.
Mama Deb’s Kitchen
Try all of our frozen
FREE delivery in surrounding towns! 
120 East Grove St, Middleboro

Open Thursdays & Fridays
Noon - 7pm for meals-to-go

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10 Bedford Park, Bridgewater
(508) 279-0950
Jean Guarino ~ Walking on Monday Mornings

Covid-19 created many restrictions and limited our ability to socialize in the ways we normally would. Because of this, we created the Monday Morning Walkers, which has helped participants fulfill their minds, bodies, and souls by getting outdoors, getting exercise, seeing, listening, learning, talking, sharing, making new friendships.
The seed for a walking group for seniors was planted when a steward of one of the local parks in Bridgewater presented a program for the Ousamequin Women’s Club. At that meeting, members and guests learned that our town has six parks. After the meeting Emily, the director of the Cole-Yeaton Senior Center in Bridgewater, mentioned she wanted to create a walking group for seniors. Walking is pleasant and social, can be fast or slow, long or short and can be done in almost any weather. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of ideas went on the back burner, but this was still on Emily’s mind. She knows firsthand what can happen to people without social contact. In late summer of last year, Emily contacted me about starting up the walking group. We decided on a day of the week and a time and posted the event, thus the name Monday Morning Walkers. Assuming that our walking adventures would be limited to town locations, I tried to think of places including our town parks that would make an enjoyable walking experience and people would want to do each week. I did not want to go to the same place each week. At that time, I had no idea where the Monday Morning Walkers would take us.
Emily posted the first meet up for the parking lot at the senior center. Five women of varying hiking experience showed up. We started as acquaintances and have now become friends. When we think back to that first walk, basically in the parking lot of the senior center, we are amazed at where we have been. There are six regulars who have met for Monday morning walks since the end of last summer. We now have 7 to 8 people depending on schedules. We’ve walked and hiked in all kinds of weather. Our average mileage goal has become four miles, through woods, over streams, up and down hills, in wind, sometimes light rain, maybe a flurry of snow.... read more.
Congratulations, Jean Guarino, our judged Bridgewater winner of "What's Your Good News?" Short Story Contest!
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Historical Tidbit Question:
On June 6th what did the Allied powers cross?

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Our emergence coincides with the beginning of summer.

They make a funny pair. We are interacting in person more, going out to restaurants more, networking and basically stepping up our game; trying to remember and feel comfortable in this new and familiar land of community and commerce; to bring our selves back to the table in a meaningful way.

And summer calls with its warm days, sunshine, flowers, birds chirping and breeze. I swear I can smell ocean spray mixed with the sweet florals on that breeze.

So... about 2 pm each day, I give myself permission to daydream, to take a brake and take a walk; to smell the flowers and the breeze.

Be kind to yourself.

Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Doing things well takes continuous effort. But we are not machines, and so need to give ourselves grace.
Permission to daydream... granted.

~ Jacquie
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