October 28, 2019

Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008

Woodridge Forest Action Plan Update
Houston, TX - Houston  City Council Member Dave Martin would like to provide an update post Kingwood Town Hall regarding the Woodridge Forest development in Montgomery County. The Legal team from Figure Four Partners and land owner of Woodridge Forest, submitted a memo to the City of Houston on Thursday, October 17, 2019, providing several items to be addressed by the developer along with timelines.

Four site assessments have been conducted since October 17.  Reports from those site visits were provided to the District E office and have been posted to the District E website. The most recent site assessment was completed on Friday, October 25. The reports include onsite assessments and items for action to be completed by Figure Four Partners, Perry Homes, and/or Double Oak Construction. Additionally, the Cease and Desist letters that were sent to Figure Four Partners, Perry Homes and Double Oak Construction have also been posted.

The District E office continues to provide the City of Houston Legal Department with resident accounts and photographs regarding sediment discharge, dust storms, as well as, other related concerns with Woodridge Forest. Council Member Martin and the City of Houston are committed to holding this development accountable for any and all negative impacts to the residents of Kingwood and Lake Houston.

For more information, please contact Council Member Martin's office at (832) 393-3008 or via email at