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September Calendar of Events!

Upcoming Gatherings

Oct. 2 | 10 am


Rev. Elaine Peresluha

Oct. 9 | 10 am


Tribal Nations

Michael-Corey Hinton

Oct. 16 | 10 am


Racial Justice

Guest Speaker

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Welcome Our

Guest Speaker,

Patricia Washburn!

Patricia Washburn is a writer and cybersecurity analyst who lives in Bayside. She has spent many years as a priestess and teacher in Maine's Wiccan and Pagan community, including helping to found the Maine Pagan Clergy Association. She was elected to the Portland Charter Commission in 2021 and was a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the Maine Democratic Party. She is the author of Self-Care for Cats, and her interests include history, music, books, politics, disability advocacy, and chocolate.

Magic and How To Do It

Sept. 25 | 3-5 pm | Parish Hall

Paganism is a loosely connected group of spiritual paths, generally rooted in the divinity of nature and the pre-Christian deities of various cultures. In this four-week series of workshops, Pat Washburn will lead discussions of various Pagan paths and how to start a Pagan practice of your own. Aimed both at newcomers and Pagans who want to renew their practice, this series is free to First Parish members; $5 per session for non-members, with the funds going to help sustain the church. For more information, please email Pat.

In It Together

September 25th | 4pm | Fort Sumner Park

"In It Together" is a group that began in response to the Supreme Court decisions on abortion, gun access, and the right of the EPA to monitor carbon emissions, with real concern about the upcoming court session where LGBTQ+ rights, and indigenous rights are in danger. We gather to strategize about how we are going to move forward: to build strength by working together, and build community by supporting each other. It's about showing up for each other in a time when we cannot afford to be divided. We welcome new members to join us and everyone is welcome! It's going to take us all. Our next gathering will be a potluck and work session at Fort Sumner Park in Portland. For more information, please email Carolyn Tkach, Jake Kulaw, or Marcy Makinen.

First Parish

Book Group

October 4th | 7-8 pm | online 

If you love reading, join us on Zoom to share and discuss books that we have recently enjoyed! This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Members free; $5 for non-members. To register and receive the Zoom link, contact Betsy Garnett at ekgarnett@yahoo.com.

Online UU History Series:

Free and Open to All!

Tuesdays, October 11 - November 15 |

8-9 pm


This series is an incredible opportunity for all visitors, members, and friends to learn more about the rich and deep history of our faith. Developed by The Faith Forward program of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, it approaches history from the starting point of compelling stories and personalities; each session will focus on one or two people from our history. Participants explore the questions these people faced and make connections with their own lives and the world around them today. The overarching question is: how can history be translated into our religious life and practice? To register and participate, please click here. Make sure to check the "Congregation Group" box when registering; the fee for this series is sponsored by the First Parish Membership Team. For more information or if you have questions, please email our Membership Coordinator, Laurie Hasty.

Ministerial Search

Committee Update

Your Ministerial Search Committee has been hard at work! We have begun the process of planning our search year, assigning committee roles, and coordinating with the UUA. We want to hear YOUR thoughts on what to look for in a new settled minister. Watch your email inbox in the coming week for an important survey. In the meantime, as well as anytime throughout the search process, please feel free to email questions or comments to the committee (Allen Armstrong, Sue Cook, Jake Kulaw, Jenn McAdoo, Tom Rogers, Jason Shedlock and Mary Wheeler).

Food Drive for the Wabanaki

Last year our food drive was a great success! This year, the Wabanaki Ally Team will be again collecting food donations for the Wabanaki tribes starting this Sunday through October 9th in honor of Indigenous People's Day. Please click here for a list of traditional foods that you can donate.

Come Sing With Us!

The First Parish Choir has resumed weekly rehearsals every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 8:30ish and we're looking for new members! For more information please email our new Music Director, Benjamin Holbrook.

Getting Acquainted

With Each Other

(Or Yourself)

Chalice Group is a great program for newcomers and/or long time members to get to know one another. Deep connections are forged. Meaningful topics are explored. Everyone gets the gift of being deeply and respectfully listened to in a small group setting! For more information, please email Barbara DeSerres, Chalice Group Coordinator.

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If you wish to speak confidentially with a member of the Pastoral Care Team, please send an email to team leader Judy Micoleau and a member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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