" You Don't  Live There Anymore"
Encountering "the Way, the Truth and the Life"
through Healing of Memories
by Jonathan Hunter 
Recently, I had the privilege of praying for my friend, Matt (not his real name). Our prayer time concerned Matt's long-standing frustrations, stress and exhaustion over his chronic anxiety and increasing panic attacks. Matt is a good, family man with the normal pressures of providing for his wife and children. However, recent job changes and loss of health insurance were exacerbating his frequent thoughts of despair. Moreover, after discussing his family upbringing over the phone with me, it became clear that the accelerant causing the engulfing, repetitive fears had its source in his early, childhood memories. We set a date to get together. A few days later, joined by my friend Neil, the three of us set out on a journey through Matt's soul with Jesus.
Prayer time
I asked Matt if he could recall a specific, problematic memory from his childhood. Matt promptly brought up a reoccurring one he'd had of the home he lived in at about age three. So starting there, with the Holy Spirit leading the way, we followed Jesus through the memory - and what a discovery process it was! Most of the details of our prayer time can't be shared here, however it can be said that Jesus overcame the spirit of despair that once ruled Matt's memory of that home.  By insinuating His Presence into the midst of it, Jesus brought reconciliation and freedom--literally transforming the memory for Matt.  At the conclusion of the session (a bit more on that later), the three of us sat there in peaceful amazement over what the Lord had done.  
On healing of memories prayer...
Over the years, I have been present at inner healing sessions with scores of men and women still at the affect of abuse, neglect and abandonment in their childhood - issues many of us still struggle with to some degree! A crucial component of this kind of prayer is allowing Jesus into the murky shadowlands of our minds. He awaits the invitation. In Rev. 3:20 He states: "Here I am. I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with me." By inviting Jesus into the memory experience from the prayer's inception, He gets to lead "the way" to "the truth" of what's behind the darkened memory and establish "the life" there with His presence. Thus, He gets the credit for all aspects of our memory's transformation.  For our part, as praying bystanders, we simply need to be watchful for recipients slipping into editorializing  about the memory. Instead, we gently urge them to stay in the memory, to let Jesus continue to help them and guide them through it until He brings closure.  
The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it (1Thes.5:24) 
As Matt's memory transformation drew to a close, he heard Jesus telling him not to go into the house again. Instead, together, they got into the family car parked in the driveway, backed out and started to take off. But not before one parting gesture. Jesus suddenly produced a large rope with a noose and proceeded to lasso the mailbox in front of the house, ripping it out and dragging it behind them as they drove off down the street. His message: "You don't live there anymore!" That's our Jesus, taking our every thought and imagination and making it obedient to Himself...cowboy style!  
Our rich, corporate experience  was yet another reminder of how Jesus - "the same yesterday, today and tomorrow"(Heb.13:8). - is incomparable in his ability to heal and transform even our innermost, buried thoughts so that we might share in his righteousness and peace.     
Persevering Through Transformation
by Debbie Driscoll

Change for you, change for me. Change happens to all of us when we are in relationship with the master of transformation, our Savior, Jesus. But our journey with Him requires perseverance along the way.
After having cancer in 2001, I began my journey of transformation from fear and pain to freedom and life. This process was one of learning to break free from the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness influenced by the spirit of death. I had to identify my enemy, the pain, disappointments and lies; some of which came from my hurt-filled childhood and some from the experience of having cancer.

In chapter seven of More Life!, we learn that as we pursue our freedom, we "repeat [the renunciation prayer] when necessary". Proclaiming our freedom from death and negative influences is not a one-time act. I have been involved with ELM since 2002 and  have renounced the spirit of death repeatedly for years now!

Just recently, I began to wonder to myself: If I faced another threat of an illness, would I be as confident in the Lord and His Life as I had been up to that point? Would I still feel the freedom I have been enjoying all these years? Would I be able to "practice what I preach"? It was very important to me that what I taught, what I was hoping others would both learn and heal from and grow in, was shared with true integrity.

Then it came. A possible diagnosis of cancer. After experiencing a clear symptom, I had to go to a specialist and undergo testing. And then I had to wait to get the results.  Wow, what now?

I obviously had many feelings about the possible  reality of being diagnosed with cancer (again), but my response to the situation was entirely different than in the past. My reaction surprised even me. I felt the peace of God in the face of a potentially negative outcome. The work that God had done through the years as I persevered in seeking freedom and abundant life was now an integrated part of me. When I was truly tested, I discovered that what I say that I believe, I BELIEVE! And I was so grateful to be able to walk through the experience with confidence... even joy in my heart! Much prayerful repetition and healing has transformed my erroneous thoughts about God - and fearful lies - into an abiding trust in Him. And, as a bonus: NO CANCER!
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His Grace & Peace to you,
Jonathan's Signature
Jonathan Hunter
Director, Embracing Life Ministries

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Aha! Anthonie Meister 2018
More! Leadership Training Group
This past Spring,  Jonathan hosted a 9-week More! Leadership Group, to teach the basics about facilitating More! groups either in home or church settings. A hallmark of ELM is participatory-healing where everyone gets a chance to share and everyone prays together.  The Leadership Group participants practiced by sharing from their own experiences with the spirit of death--the leader's testimony and personal anecdotes being a key component in running our groups. Participant response was very positive. [See the testimony above from Anthonie Meister.] Stay tuned for more Leadership Trainings to come!
Celebrating our Volunteers!
On June 30, we pulled out all the stops to honor the volunteers who so generously donate their time and talents to ELM! A good time was had by all who were able to attend! We love and appreciate you so much! Thank you!

On March 10th we were privileged to host a More Glory! all-day intensive for HRock Church. Great attendance with much excitement and stories of healing freedom!
And Here's a Save the Date for Later This Year!
Saturday, October 13th:
More Life! All Day Intensive
At HRock Church Offices in Pasadena. More info to follow.

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More Power!
New Booklet in
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In May of last year, Neil and I had the privilege of facilitating a pilot group for the next book in ELM's MORE ! series: 
More Power!
Understanding and Experiencing the Power of the Cross
The participants were a blend of well-seasoned and new believers. All of us grew deeper in our understanding of the work accomplished on the cross by Jesus. The cross is a symbolic reminder that "Jesus Christ crucified" is at the core of the Christian faith. But for many, the meaning of the cross is unclear or troublesome. The intent of More Power! is to clarify and illuminate the power of the cross in the everyday life of the believer.The result: One discovers one's true identity in relationship with the Living God, which only comes by way of the cross of Jesus Christ.

At the conclusion, one of our participants, Jeana, expressed to me her new understanding and the changes she experienced in the group, commenting: "[T]he reality went from my head to my heart and that's where peace comes from..."

With such a positive response to the More Power! pilot, we realized this should be the next book in our pipeline. We are looking forward to publishing this "POWER"-filled book and will be working hard to that end. Many thanks to our participants and their insightful comments about the material!