A Letter from JMG's President

Dear JMG Friends,

 It goes without saying that none of us will soon forget the 2019-2020 school year, as it has been filled with challenge and uncertainty. At the same time, we have witnessed many inspirational moments and achievements. Dynesha’s story above is just one example of the perseverance of an individual and the role JMG plays in keeping students on the path toward their educational and career goals. There is no shortage of these stories as JMG, with support from our school, corporate and foundation partners has: 

  • Distributed 3,000 grocery gift cards to students and their families

  • Helped 38 students maintain housing with support for rent

  • Provided internet access and/or laptops to 19 students to keep them engaged in distance learning

  • Assisted 37 students with car payments, insurance and repair costs 

  • Provided funds to support college tuition for 151 students through emergency and scholarship funds

As Maine schools re-imagine the new school year, JMG looks forward to working with the state and local school departments to be sure all students have an equal opportunity to gain the credentials and training needed to pursue meaningful careers and become valued members of Maine’s workforce. Thank you for your confidence in JMG and for supporting the students we serve. 

Craig Larrabee
President & CEO