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November 9, 2018   
Issue No. 53
Bits & Pieces November 9, 2018
By Shanti Moorjani  
Thank you for being a "Voice for the Planet". Thank you for asking the question "Is this good for the planet?" for every decision you make. Thank you for doing the best you can with what knowledge, what resources, what influence you have. Our Earth thanks you for giving voice to her needs.
I would highly recommend a children's book called "The Wizard that Saved the World" (ages 7 and up) by Jeffrey Bennett. Mr. Bennett is an astrophysicist and former NASA scientist, who has taught all ages, even writing text books for college. You have heard the name before, because we have mention his popular book called the "A Global Warming Primer" many times. The former book brings an imaginative child on a quest to save the planet, and side sections that go into more details if one is at a certain level of understand. With the holidays coming up, gifts like these can be transformative.
Our second "Holiday Green Bazaar" will be at the Arlington community Church social Hall, at 52 Arlington, Kensington from 11am - 3pm on Saturday, November 24 (two days after Thanksgiving). You will find various artists, woodcraftsman, candle makers, knitters, clothes, textiles, and more. There will be live music, nature movies for kids and parents, and food.
Buying gifts that have a low impact on the earth and do not end up in a landfill is very important. It is "good for the planet". Our best advertising is us, word of mouth, emailing all friends, asking them to email their friends. Can you take a moment and pass the information on? We look forward to seeing you.
If anyone is interested in the above books "The Wizard that Saved the World" and/or "A Global Warming Primer" by Jeffrey Bennett, let me know via an email to: I would happy to order and bring them for pick up at the Green Bazaar on November 24th. You may pay on pick-up, $15.00 each copy.
Looking ahead, we are planning to do a children's musical on Earth Day in April (22nd is the official date). We will perform "Project Rescue, Save the Planet". We would like to invite children ages 7 and up to sign up and participate. There is minimal material fee of $40.00 per participant. This is a great opportunity for kids to perform in front of an audience. Rehearsals begin at 5:15pm on Wednesday, January 23st. Please contact Person of the Planet email or leave a message at the office number (510) 526-9146. Be part of this important movement.
2018 Green Holiday Bazaar
Saturday November 24 @11:00 AM
The Green Holiday Bazaar will be held at Arlington Community Church on Saturday, November 24, 2018 from 11-3pm. Just in time to get an early start on all your holiday shopping. There will be one-of-a-kind items created by a large number of local vendors - wooden trays and cutting boards, hip clothing from recycled garments, bags, bee honey, and much much more. All items are earth friendly and best of all, "green".
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