November 2016
Do You Know Where Your Personal Data Is? 
Most of us turned over the rights to our personal information a long time ago in exchange for convenience, creating a multibillion-dollar economy that trades on that information. While there are a handful of businesses, such as Datacoup and Meeco, designed to help consumers manage the right to use their personal information, these companies aren't making many in-roads. Recently, DTC's Myra Moore has been rethinking who owns the right to use consumer data and specifically how that impacts licensing and IP. Find out the reasons in this blog on the threat of personal data breaches.  
Streaming Has Yet to Defang Piracy. It May Never.
The conventional wisdom surrounding digital piracy is that the vicious cycle of whack-a-mole, where authorities shut down pirate sites only to find new ones sprouting up, would only be broken by making valuable digital content easier to access legally. While the content industry has made significant strides in fighting piracy, indicators point to a still-thriving market for illicit digital goods - with young millennials among the chief violators. Learn more about current perceptions and practices toward digital piracy.  
Broadcasters Get Jump on OTT Disruptors in VR Race
Thousands of virtual reality (VR) players are trying to capitalize on the emerging new video format. Interestingly, traditional TV broadcasters have taken an early lead over most over-the-top (OTT) providers. In doing so, the disrupted have become the disruptors. Learn more about how the VR market is being shaped . 
Case Study: Managing Audio Technology Patents
An audio technology manufacturer with 40-plus years of experience and an extensive portfolio of audio technology patents realized that published market research reports didn't provide adequate detail to help manage its intellectual property, which is used in the consumer electronics, cinema, home entertainment, broadcast and PC industries. Learn how DTC helped a global manufacturer enhance its bottom line by quantifying market size, royalty income and gaps in compliance and enforcement.

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