2021 Structured Settlements Poll
Survey Reveals High Level of Attorney
Support for Structured Settlements
August 25, 2021 - This just-released 2021 Structured Settlements Poll conducted by one of our life company partners, MetLife, validates something we've known anecdotally for years:

Personal injury attorneys view structured settlement favorably, are
familiar with their many benefits, and routinely recommend them.

How frustrating It must be to achieve a good settlement for a client only to see the funds evaporate all too quickly once the lawsuit ends and the funds dispersed.

Many of these clients who settle for cash end up back on the attorney's doorstep for a myriad of reasons including, in one instance referenced, "needing legal advice for bankruptcy proceedings."
Kudos to MetLife for undertaking this initiative designed to better understand how structured settlements are perceived.

A few key attorney findings with respect to structured settlements:

94% are somewhat or very familiar with them,

34% always recommend them whereas 47% sometimes do; and,

81% are concerned about depletion of clients' settlement funds.

This survey reinforces the vital role both the attorney and structured settlement broker play in helping clients secure their futures with structured settlements.

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The five-minute video walks the viewers through a hypothetical case study that results in the plaintiff netting 45% MORE money by structuring the settlement instead of choosing an all-cash option.
Employment Litigation Tax Implication and How to Mitigate Them

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