Personal Life Coaching
Does it really work?
For Working Parents

How about you? Are you working at a job you look forward to going to each day? Do you have the time to do all the fun things in life? How many of you have had times you couldn't be at your child's soccer game or school play because you work in a place or way that doesn't allow that flexibility? When have you missed a special dinner occasion because of the pressure of that looming deadline?

You work. You commute. You have outside business meetings to be at. Fund raising events to be present at. Networking events to attend. Training and development courses you try to squeeze in. That's just work! What about the chores at home, the family time you long for, the time simple to put your feet up and call it a day? You feel like you have so many balls in the air that it'll take nothing more than a slight bump to make them all come crashing down!

Has work become frustrating? Has the joy seemed to have disappeared from it? Are you too tired to enjoy the house you've invested in? You're too busy to just relax and rest! Golfing, going to a ball game, or just getting lost in a novel are things of the past. You're family doesn't know the fun of spending a weekend together.

Well guess what? There is a solution! When you choose to work with a personal life coach, you'll discover that it is possible for your days to be energized and fulfilling! To have a passion in every day! What we will do together in this collaborative venture is help you identify what is most important to you and what your core values are. I'll help you discover what you're most passionate about, what excites you and encourage you to bring into focus those dreams you haven't dared hope for. Together we'll facilitate a strategic life plan, finding creative solutions to the challenges you'll face as you move into a genuinely fulfilling and rewarding way of being. We'll find the paths that will help you navigate the transitions you might make to bring your dreams into reality.

What would it be like for you to know you'll have time for the important things in life that have meaning to you?

What would it be like to look forward to going to work every day? To wake up feeling invigorated? Excited? Motivated?

Does that sound good?

Well great! Then I encourage you to make this investment in your future. Discover the life you dream and together we'll embark on a journey toward living your ideal life!

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