Daily Volume III (127) | Monday, June 7, 2021
Thank you for subscribing to the Daily Newsletter. We like to start the week featuring classic rides from the Malaise Era (1972 through 1984) when automakers struggled to meet ever-increasing safety, emissions, and fuel economy standards with then-available technology. In addition to today's features, you can see our past Malaise Monday "Classifinds" by clicking here and selecting the desired filters.
Guys With Rides '98 Boxster Wins Kid's Choice Award!

In his increasingly decreased spare time, Rudy relaxes by keeping the Guys With Rides fleet detailed.

We were surprised and honored the kid judges at our local Porsche Club Concours event on Sunday picked our Boxster over several very handsome vintage Porsches. Sometimes kids do the darndest things!
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GwR Calendar Updated through June Has Our Weekends Filled!

The Guys With Rides Team does not have to travel very far during June to enjoy several car shows, Cars & Coffee mornings, as well as two local Porsche events. It's nice to see things opening up again and we hope all of you can attend similar events in your neck of the woods. If you plan to attend the same events shown at left, please say, "HEY!"
Our daily Craigslist "Classifinds" provide leads on rides we think you'll find interesting.
Second Stint: 1977 Ford Thunderbird – $9,500

Run a classic car website long enough and it’s quite possible you will run across a ride being sold for a second time by its latest caretaker. That’s what we believe we have here with this pretty Jade Green, 30,000 original mile 1977...
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Mileage Miser: 1982 Honda Accord – $5,900

With U.S. import tariffs to contend with, Honda’s second-generation Accord launched in the fall of 1981 also happened to be the first car built in the company’s Marysville, Ohio manufacturing plant. This is the car that really put Honda on the American sale map. While this generation of Accords proved to be extremely reliable, rust and extremely high miles claimed...
Disappointing Downsize: 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix – $6,750

In the fall of 1977, GM launched the downsized versions of the redesigned “A” body platform; the Grand Prix was Pontiac’s version. Approximately one foot shorter and 600 pounds lighter than the 1977 model it replaced, the downsized Grand Prix’s smaller footprint and diet helped improved fuel...
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Sleepy Sleeper: 1976 Chevrolet Nova 7K Mile – $17,000

Pre-1972 Chevrolet Nova two-coupes continue to see strong numbers as many Baby Boomers try to relive their high school fantasy car dreams. A very compelling alternative to those earlier higher-priced examples is this 1976 Nova claimed to have only 7,112 original miles. Even more intriguing is what appears to be a Corvette L82 motor connected to a floor-shifted...
Both The Internet and Never Forget. We provide updates to cars we spot that remain unsold months later
Five Months Gone: 1980 Ford Thunderbird - NOW $10,900

May 17, 2021 Update – Fast Forward three months and after a late winter Craigslist hiatus, we found a fresh listing for this 1980 Thunderbird street machine with a lower $10,900 asking price. We believe that price...
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GuysWithRides Auctions and Bidders Continues To Grow!
We're pleased with the progress of our auctions over the past month and we work hard every day to improve the bidder's experience.

We continue to receive calls daily from fellow enthusiasts with great cars being turned away from certain other sites who then find their experience to end up being a much better one with GuysWithRides!

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